There was a time when landline phones were all we had to talk to people living far away from us. The cords, multiple buttons of the landline phones are indeed nostalgic.

However, the only problem we faced was the difficulty of understanding the identity of the caller as those phones lacked a caller id on the screen.

And with little advancement in technology, the benefit of caller id was enjoyed in landline phones along with the availability of mobile phones.

Now by looking at the screen, we know who is calling, and based on that, we can decide if you want to accept that call or not.

How Convenient Is It, Right!

And this convenience even becomes a life savior for us in a certain situation.

Must be wondering, how?

Think of a situation wherein an incoming call from the number 0000000000 crossing your brain wires!

Indeed, the questions would be, What does it mean? Or who is calling? If you are on the same page, keep reading because you are about to get the answers to extremely important questions that will decide your next step.

And that is when you see a phone call from 000-000-0000, do you really need to attend the call? To understand what a phone call with all zeros means, you need some basic information to be sure of.

What does it mean to receive a phone call from 0000000000?

Let’s Get Started!

A Phone Call From Number With All Zeros

In case you received a phone call with all zeros numbers, then it’s sure that the caller is trying to hide his/her identity behind this number. The caller does not want their identity to be revealed, and thus they are using this number to communicate with you. Therefore, it is clear that it is a case of identity spoofing.

And the fact is that even if one tries to use various Tele-caller apps to identify the caller or get other details, they are sure to fail.

Hence, it’s time to be careful, so receiving a 0000000000 phone call is not something usual!

So, let us figure out the truth behind the bars!

What Does a Phone Number with All Zeros Mean?

Just like you, other people have also got calls from 00000. And the interesting fact is that different people will give different opinions on this however, there is no accurate reason yet defined.

So, here are some of the commonly given suggestions or opinions about the call from 00000 that could define the meaning of all zeroes:

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Call from a telemarket

This is the most frequently given a suggestion over various online platforms. Most people have stated that telemarketers call them from some VOIP connections where the number cannot be identified.

The telemarketer sometimes uses this VOIP connection as most people don’t want to pick up the call if they recognize the call is from a telemarketing agency. Call from Defense

The surveys state about the personal incidence of some people where they got a phone call from 0000000000. They concluded that those calls were from some US defense or some other defense forums. However, none of them could give a proper proof to prove their point.

Fake Call From An Unknown Person

Some of the people had mentioned that when they received incoming calls from number 0000000000, they were just some random fake calls made from unknown sources.

All of those people who received such calls suggested not to pick up or call back if they find a missed call from 000000000.

Cross Connections

This is rare, however, few responses suggested these call can be due to cross-connections that can happen whenever they get a call from 0000000000 sprints. However,  on such a call from 00000, nothing can be adequately heard.

What does it mean to receive a phone call from 0000000000?

International Call

The most common reason you are getting a call from telephone number 000 000 0000 is made from some foreign country using a secured connection.

In most of these cases, the caller doesn’t want to reveal theirs through phone number or identity. To keep their identity secure, the caller can choose any customized number they wish to display at the user end.

It can be any number they want to show the user like ‘1231231231″ or “1010101010” or only it can be a phone number with all zeros.

However, to be honest, this suggestion or opinion cannot be trusted as the people stating them couldn’t give any proof or evidence in support of their opinion. But one thing they all said in common was that it is not safe to pick up the call from a telephone number 000 000 0000.

In addition to this, there is a new theory which states that if you get a phone call from 0000000000 sprints, then most likely the ghost is calling you.

Unbelievable, Isn’t It!

This has been suggested by psychics who have answered the call that means creatures from another world or aliens are trying to communicate with you by using search techniques and phone numbers that are untraceable by caller IDs. The numbers will be something like a telephone number 000 000 0000.

If the theories are to be believed, when a person dies of an accident, they usually try to communicate with humans like this.

So, an incoming call from 0000000000 can be paranormal activity!

Scared Already?

Well, this theory, to some extent, is believable as when you pick up the call, someone whispers over the phone as if they want to tell us something but are unable to make contact.

Now, we are sure, the other question popping the mind is Are phone calls with all zero numbers ghostly?

Factually speaking, reading theories and opinions given by people over various online platforms arises multiple critical questions in one’s mind.

In addition to this, people start thinking about multiple other questions like, ‘Can spirits manipulate electronic media? Can spirits reach back through the fabric of space and time from wherever they are now to influence the communication system through phone calls?

Receiving an incoming call from number 0000000000 is creepy yet amazing as a ghost doesn’t call every day. The researchers who researched on this topic concluded that a person gets such calls during the next 24 hours when someone close to him dies.

However, there are cases when such calls have been received even after or within two years of someone’s death. This phone calls from 000-000-0000 is usually filled with heavy statics, and the caller’s voice is faint as if he is talking from far away.

So, the mystery of a phone call or missed call from all zeros numbers can indeed be ghostly. Even The paranormal defense agency widely believed that a call from 1000000000 phone number means that someone from another dimension of the world is trying to communicate.

What does it mean to receive a phone call from 0000000000?

However, as per the belief of some psychics, mystics, and seers, the internet and telephone towers are responsible for making such raid calls. They believe that our network has been connected to eternity and our future from the very beginning of the time.

But if you are someone who does not believe in ghosts, then this phone call will make no sense to you. Usually, and most of the time, these phone calls are glitches that occur in our network or the communication system.

As we have discussed earlier, these phone calls are often made by hackers who want to gain personal information. So, it is up to you as to how wise you are too scared to attend the call.

Additionally, in today’s era, it is easy to find someone’s number through a lot of caller apps like Truecaller. You can try to take help from the app to discover the caller’s identity irrespective of the location and time in which the phone call is made.

Is It Spam?

In all the probabilities, receiving a phone call from 000-000-0000 is spam. Sometimes, there are cases when the receivers know who is calling, while other times, the true identity of the caller is unknown. So, it is advisable to keep on ignoring such calls.

However, even if you have picked the call from this number, it is strictly advised not to share any of your personal details the caller asks you for. In this modern era, there is no dearth of scams. People every day get cheated and looted.

We have even heard scary stories about how individuals have lost all their money after sharing their bank details on a phone call. So, no matter what you do, do not share any of your details, not even your address.

What To Do When You Receive a Phone Call From 000-000-0000?

It’s obvious for people to panic when they just got a call from 0000000000. They often end up wondering if the number is safe to pick or not.

To make things clear, there is nothing called a safe or unsafe number. No number or individual can harm you until you receive calls from such numbers and answers their questions.

In that light, if you do happen to receive a phone call with all zeros numbers, do not panic right away. Gather yourself and relax. You can easily avoid such a cause by not answering them.

How many times it happens that due to some unforeseen reasons, an international caller ID gets masked by a number with all zeros.

However, before you do receive the call, make sure you know the person who can make you an international call. If you are still in doubt, it’s a good idea to avoid the call. Even if you see a missed call from 0000000000, it’s a good idea not to revert.

Indeed, over the last few years, the number of digital and cyber crimes has increased significantly. For this reason, people are always scared when they receive such weird calls from phone numbers with all zeros.

But it’s a good idea not to be bothered by them. While many times such calls are often spammed, or it can be called from telemarketers as well. Even though it’s a call from a telemarketing company, it is good to avoid receiving such calls for safety reasons.

Can a Phone Number End With 0000?

In the US, all the numbers ending with 0000 are used to reserve a ring at the CO. So, if you were out in the field and needed to call the CO for a 312 743-??? Number, you could easily get the number by dialing 7430000. However, this ended a while ago, and with this, the 0000 numbers are available for ordinary folks.

What does it mean to receive a phone call from 0000000000?

To conclude, this isn’t a real phone number at all. When you see a phone number with zeros on caller ID, it means that the caller is trying to suppress the caller ID.

Sometimes it is easy to realize when you have an incredibly reliable caller ID. However, there are no longer websites or phone apps that will send anything as a caller ID when you make a call.

Caller ID no longer at things to rely on. This has made it easy to do scam as what you see on your phone or caller ID box is exactly what the caller wants you to see.


The reason behind such calls is still a mystery. However, most of the scientists and the communication officers believe that this is occasionally due to the disturbance or other issues caused in the network and the communication system. These glitches are more likely to occur in harsh climates then on regular days.

By now, we are aware of what all are the possible reasons behind the calls coming from all zeros. So, whenever you receive a call from such a number, then avoiding the call and not picking it up is the best thing to do as the spirit or hacker whoever is on the other side may intend to harm you.

In case you have been receiving such calls for a long time, it is better to report it to the local police station or the security office. But if you’re still continuing to receive such calls from 1000000000 phone numbers, then you should change your phone number in that extreme case.

Having said that our safety is our reaction to such a call. Avoid answering such calls and stay safe!


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