Like so many other entertainment lovers are you planning to stream content on HBO Max on Discord? Well, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We will provide you with a full guide on How To Stream HBO Max on Discord in this article.

HBO Max is one of the biggest streaming platforms in America and you must get to enjoy every show and series on it using Discord

Although, you must keep in mind that even if Discord lets you invite other people to live stream, you shouldn’t use Discord to watch HBO Max as it violates their privacy policies.

But being a rule-breaker doesn’t always harm anyone. So let’s have a look at how you can do it!

Can You Screen Share Hbo Max On Discord?

Are you thinking about whether it is possible to screen share HBO Max on Discord? Then the answer is YES! It is very much possible to do so.

There will be no issues in lifestreaming your favorite shows on HBO Max using Discord. In fact, you can also stream HBO Max using other party extensions too.

The basic requirement is to add an extension to your browser and just share the link with your closed ones and sit back and enjoy the content.

It is possible for anyone who has the link to live stream the same content using discord. Although it goes against their privacy policy. So, do it at your own risk.

How To Stream Hbo Max On Discord With Sound?

You must be wondering Is It Possible to Stream HBO Max on Discord with Sound?


Yes, it is indeed possible to host a watch party with your loved ones on Discord for watching content on HBO Max. Just follow these steps to do so-

Step 1- Download Discord OYour Computer, Android, or iPhone

In order to stream HBO Max on Discord, it is important to download the Discord app on your device.

The discord is available on App Store (iPhone), Play Store (Android), and any other app stores for other devices such as computers, iPods, and so on.

Step 2- Open Your Web Browser

Now open your web browser where you are going to watch HBO Max. Go to the setting of the browser and disable hardware acceleration on it.

In case you are using Google Chrome, you can just search for “Hardware Acceleration” Inthe the system settings on Chrome, and you will notice “ Use Hardware Acceleration when available”.

You need to turn off this feature so that the screen doesn’t turn blank while you are streaming HBO Max on Discord.

Step 3- Open The Discord User Settings

Now as you finish the above-mentioned directions, open the Discord app and open your “User Discord Settings”.

Scroll down to the “Advanced” settings and turn off the “Hardware Acceleration” option. The discord app will restart once you do this.

As you re-open the app, go to the “User Settings” and click on “Activity status” under the “Activity Settings”.

Now just add the web browser you made the changes to, as a game. This step is a must to stream HBO Max on Discord with sound.

Step 4- Screen Share Via Voice Channel

Now go to the “Voice channel” once you are done with other settings in Discord and your preferred Web browser. Go to the web browser that you added to the “Discord Voice Channel”.

Select your web browser symbol and a window for screen sharing will automatically appear. In order to go live, select the “ Go Live” option from the drop-down menu.

Once you are done with it, HBO Max will automatically start broadcasting on your discord channel.

Now your showtime on discord will not be interrupted if you clean the cache of your web browser and discord app and ensure there are no network connectivity issues.


How To Stream HBO Max On Discord Without Black Screen?

A lot of users who tried to host a watch party of HBO Max and other streaming platforms using discord have complained about seeing the black screen.

Most people miss performing an important action while screen sharing on Discord. This is an extremely crucial step of the Hardware Acceleration” process.

The Hardware acceleration restricts the discord show part when you are trying to live-stream HBO Max.

Therefore, in order to avoid the black screen from appearing make sure you have disabled the “Hardware Acceleration” in both the Discord app and on the Web browser.

Best Way To Turn Off Hardware Acceleration On Discord!

We have told you why you need to disable Hardware Acceleration on Discord, now let us tell you how you can do it with a few simple and easy steps-

Step 1– Select the “User Discord Settings” link that is next to your Discord profile image.

Step 2– Now scroll down to the “Advanced” options.

Step 3– The hardware application will be turned off once you turn off the toggle that is in front of “Hardware Application”.

Easy Way To Turn Off Hardware Acceleration On Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge

If you want to turn off Hardware Acceleration on Mozilla firefox, follow the steps-

Step 1– Open the Settings on Firefox.

Step 2– Move down to “Performance” and uncheck “ Use Recommended Performance Settings”.

Step 3– Now Uncheck “ Use hardware acceleration when available” in the same settings.

Similarly, If You Want To Do The Same On Microsoft Edge Follow The Given Steps-

Step 1– Open the Settings on Microsoft Edge.

Step 2– Now go to “System Settings”.

Step 3– Turn off the “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

Once you do this, make sure to do the same on your Discord app.


1.Can You Screen Share On Hbo Max?

Yes, it is very much possible to screen share on HBO Max as in July 2021, HBO Max started this new Service HBO Max Minis on Snapchat that allows you to watch its content along with 64 other friends very easily.

2. Can You Stream Tv On Discord?

It is possible to stream TV content on Discord too. The TV must be a smart tv so that it can perform the actions to connect with discord.

3. Can You Stream Hbo Max On Discord?

Yes, you can easily stream the contents of HBO Max with your friends and family using Discord.

Even though it is against Discord’s privacy policy, it is not illegal. Follow this article to know how you can do so.

To Summarize

Thus, we hope that you no longer need to scratch your head when you plan to live stream HBO Max on Discord as we have talked in detail about How To Stream HBO Max on Discord in this article.

It is extremely easy to stream HBO Max on Discord by just adjusting a few settings on the Discord app and your web browser.

Your weekends are going to be super fun with your loved ones now, even if you are away from them.



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