Today, the website is becoming the place on the digital environment where people express their thoughts, spread information, and the business. Hence, the development of websites on the internet is revealing an astonishing number

. Since it developed on a massive scale, the host of a website is offered by a ton of server services. If you ask which one is the best server among the offered bundles, the answer will surely go to VPS servers.

In this article, we will talk in-depth about what a VPS is, what it is used for, how to choose between a VPS and a web hosting plan, plus the advantages of a VPS compared to a dedicated VPS server. Let’s get started to know more about VPS servers.

What is a Vps, And What is it Used For?

VPS is an acronym from Virtual Private Server. VPS server is a popular hosting service used for the server from the hosting activity for most people nowadays.

People tend to use VPS servers to drive their website to go online in the digital environment rather than another hosting service available on the entire internet.

VPS servers are using high technology in virtualizing the physical hardware on hosting and provide the best and the most stable server for the users. The recourse on the VPS servers is designated and dedicated to each user in many places simultaneously.

In technical terms, the server is a computer that becomes the storage or database to save the data and the information on a single place in the computer.

As the visitors visit the site page on your website, the search engines like Google send the request directly to the servers, and the servers will directly transfer the files (article, video, image, or page) to the request sender.

In this case, VPS servers took a role as the virtual computers that cover transferring the requests and the files required by using the internet as the medium.

Since the VPS servers duplicate the physical technology in hosting, the users can also install software or install the operating system they prefer to work for. The most common operating system used in the VPS server is the Windows operating and Linux operating systems.

The other point plus VPS servers is that users can apply more than one operating system on their hosting server without any reboot.

The security aspect on VPS servers is totally undoubted since each of the users uses the dedicated resource for their own purpose rather than sharing with the other users that high potential to lower the security in hosting a website.

How Do I Choose Between a Vps And a Web Hosting Plan?

The best way to choose the best hosting server and to host a plan for you is by reflecting back on your purpose and objective in managing a server. In short, whenever you find there is an increase in your website’s traffic, that is the best moment to change your current hosting server into a VPS server.

What if you don’t change the hosting server? Well, you will hit some walls, such as the slowing down server’s speed, which results in a bad user experience for your visitors that potentially nullify their interest in your website.

If you are a businessman, this case is the worst scenario that you may find because you can lose potential customers by this technical issue.

You can avoid those problems by hiring the best VPS servers’ providers to make your hosting activity running smooth all the way to the top.

Before you start to find the hosting service provider that is suitable for you, you need to consider these aspects such as performance, security, accessibility, cost, and the provider’s reputation.

For the performance aspect, you better choose the service provider to give you a smooth and stable performance. Stable and smooth is the primary term that feature cannot skip on finding the service provider because it will affect your performance in the whole hosting process.

In this case, the VPS server is the champion among the other hosting provider because the VPS server can give you the stable performance due to its dedicated resource that concentrates on your hosting rather than divided with several users.

In the security aspect, the VPS server is superior compared to shared hosting, cloud hosting, and so on. How can it be like that? Because VPS server provides the best security because, in practice, the clients will be given the special place that is dedicated to them with unique resources that increase the security rate on your hosting.

Accessibility is also a vital aspect of hosting. Ensure that you choose the best service provider that gives you full access, such as a VPS server that gives you the full-access root to the server, which makes you able to modify the software like operating system and applications on your server.

Another essential aspect to consider is the pricing. A lot of server providers offer their services in the packages plans which you can freely choose which one is suitable with your budget.

Starting from the could server bundle, shared hosting packages, VPS planning packages, and many more. In practice, the provider always gives the clients the pricelist from the lowest price to the advance service cost. In this part, you can freely choose the plans according to your needs and budget.


Choosing a reputable company for your hosting activity is matters because you don’t want to get another trouble in the middle of the way on your hosting activity.

Some providers have a bad reputation for their track record, but some providers also have a reputable name for their services. You can find some information on the internet before choosing one for you.

What Are The Advantages Of a Vps, Compared To a Dedicated Server?

VPS server has several advantages compared to the dedicated server, but you need to know what a dedicated server is before we get down to the benefits.

A dedicated server is a server service that proves the full service into a single client. It means that the client will get the whole server, complete resource, and the other benefits just for them and will not be shared with another user.

Sounds good, isn’t it? Of course, a dedicated server brings you the full machine and resource. That service is so expensive compared to the VPS server, plus the process of fixing the problem on the dedicated server is not easy.

By the performance comparison, the VPS server seems to have more advantages, especially in its maintenance and pricing.

VPS servers also provide high security to their clients due to the dedicated resource and the personalized server to clients.

In short, if you are having a website such as for business and demand the full service in hosting server, you can choose the dedicated server, but you have to deal with its high price. Meanwhile, VPS servers are the best for you if you need stable


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