Are you looking for your personal virtual assistant? That too without any cost? Then you will find it right here, on your mobile phone.

When you tell Siri 000 Yes, if you have an iPhone then you are having your personal virtual assistant nowhere else but in your pocket.

Thanks to AI, they have grown so well and made everything possible just by a touch. Siri is Apple’s voice recognition system and “Siri”

the words come from Swahili and it means secret. So every time you will be saying something to Siri then she must be whispering it to the AI system.

You might think that she is just an assistant but you do not have any idea of what she is actually capable of.

The search engine has been upgraded with rapid voice recognition and you must be thrilled about the new thing as it can help you in so many ways.

If you are new to this then you must be thinking how it is possible to use Siri as a virtual assistant and most importantly it will you a great journey through all the apps along with its wonderful suggestion.

What happens When you tell Siri 000

What Happens When You Tell Siri 000?

Are you thinking that what would Siri answer if you tell her 000? Well, there are so many numbers and things that we want to ask Siri in order to make fun but what if you tell Siri 000?

If you tell Siri 000 then she will immediately make you connected with emergency service but the whole procedure will take 5 minutes and you can consider that 5 minutes as grace time.

In the meantime, you can terminate the call and you can try it because of the grace time only. Otherwise, you would have been in a dilemma.

If you want to lodge a complaint then you do not have to disconnect the call and you can wait up to 5 minutes to lodge the complaint.

However, if you are thinking of pranking with it then you will be in danger. Because you will have to explain the emergency service that why have you called and why they should be at your doorstep.

Siri has a few numbers on her list and if Siri doesn’t reply to your Siri 000 then you have just said it wrong. Siri will make it correct and dial to the emergency number of your country.

What Happens If You Tell Siri 000?

We have already mentioned that what Siri can do if you tell Siri 000. So, if you are in an emergency or in any need of emergency service then you can tell Siri 000.

Once you will get to know Siri, it will seem difficult to spend a single day without talking to her and you will love her assistance, most importantly.

Hence, we would never suggest you experiment with 000 and it would be better to try other methods if you really want to have fun with Siri.

There are so many questions to be asked to Siri and some of them are super fun too. But, Siri 000 Question is nothing casual to get involved with.

Since you can ask a hell lot of questions until it is getting serious. But, telling Siri 000 might turn into a very serious thing and you surely do not want to deal with it.

If you are living in Australia then it will directly connect you to the emergency service, otherwise, she will correct the emergency number and dial to the

emergency service. However, you will get a grace time of 5 minutes so you can disconnect the call in the meantime.

What Happens If You Tell Siri 000

What happens When you tell Siri 000Discussion
What Happens When You Tell Siri 000?If you are wondering that you can tell Siri 000 randomly then it’s not at all the case. You will get connected to the emergency service of your area or country.
What Happens If You Tell Siri 000?We have already discussed and you should never make fun of it.


Siri is basically loaded with pre calling programming functions as well as a database of numbers so when it comes to telling Siri any particular number that too randomly then you might be in danger.

You should better choose other questions that will be fun enough to be played with.


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