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Throwback Stadium

As the name suggests, Throwback Stadium is a recreation of the classic map first used in Rocket League’s predecessor and Psyonix’s first game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Power Battle-Cars.

Catchy name, eh?

The stadium is essentially the same as the one found in the original version, with there being a noticeable gap behind the two goals that both cars and balls can fit behind.

It adds a different dimension, but hardly affects the Rocket League betting odds for the map or helps it stand out from other more flashy choices in the pool. 

Champions Field 

A real favorite with fans of the competitive community of Rocket League players, Champions Field is the perfect map for putting on a spectacle.

With its huge statue, night-time setting, bright lights, and aerial flyover, it’s the perfect stadium for ramping up the stakes and making everything feel like a grand finale. 

Well balanced and with a decent sized pitch, it’s one of the most popular picks for high profile Esports tournaments and is still the go-to for grand final fixtures. 


What would it be like to have a football match take place in the shadow of a huge volcano? Mansfield might just be the closest any of us are going to finding out. 

Mansfield Stadium is probably a little bit behind Champions Field in terms of creating a spectacle, sporting a far more robust rectangular look with nowhere the same amount of flashy gimmicks, however, it has had a couple of seasonal updates such as the snowy winter wonderland look which has helped it stand out. 

Beckwith Park

With the metropolis city visible in the background, Beckwith Park is a serene and far more tranquil place than most other stadiums in the pool.

The stadium is pleasantly green and bright to drive across, with the sunshine creeping in through the glass ceiling and making for a nice change of pace in comparison to the rest of the game. 

Utopia Coliseum

Based on another map from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Power Battle-Cars, Utopia, Utopia Coliseum is a stunning city suspended around the pitch and is loosely based around traditional southern European architecture. 

Another map with a serene feeling to it, Utopia Coliseum could have been ripped straight out of a magical storybook. Whether it’s to really enjoy the surroundings, practice.

And hone your skills or take your competitiveness to the next level with an Esports match, Utopia Coliseum is a big, vast field that all the pros love to run riot on. 

Neo Tokyo

Visually stunning with its nighttime setting, bright neon lights, and retro themes, Neo Tokyo is the ultimate packed city center to host a match on.

The field is stretched thin and has gone through a couple of reworkings through a long combination of backend developments from the Psyonix and a couple of feedback forums from the fans. 

This has given Neo Tokyo a real sense of community and the feeling of being built up together every time it’s played. 

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