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Transformation in business technology is apparent through smart technologies and innovations in analyzing the applications of data.

Trends in recording, extracting, and analyzing business data have changed significantly, such that technology is demonstrating its ability to enhance business analytics and shape businesses. 

  1. Business analytics 

Business analytics is an emerging technological trend used to explore business performance to gain insight and contribute to planning.

Business analytics emphasizes on developing new insight and understanding business performance based on statistics. Emerging trends in business analytics can be used to find actionable insights to grow business. 

  1. Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is used in business applications such as data analytics, natural language processing, and automation to streamline operations by improving efficiency.

Data analytics gives insight to the business, natural language processing allows for intellectual search engines, and automation alleviates repetitive tasks and better accessibility for visually impaired users.

  1. Programmatic advertising 

Programmatic marketing is a form of advertising automation that entails buying and selling ad inventories in real-time using a bidding system. Programmatic advertising enables agencies to buy ad impressions via a publisher site or app in a few seconds through a digital ecosystem. 

  1. Personalization 

Advertising personalization uses data points to give insight to a business regarding who the customer is to increase an ad’s relevancy. The insights can include demographic information or specific like niche interests coupled with behavioral patterns. 

  1. Influencer marketing 

Decades ago, influencer marketing was limited to public figures and a few bloggers. Today, the number of social media influencers has increased as companies rely on product mentions from individuals with a dedicated social following who are viewed as experts in a particular niche.

  1. Data quality management 

Business intelligence has changed the marketing landscape, such that data has become the next big thing. Companies can access the cloud as spreadsheets take a backseat to insightful data visualizations.

The rise of data analytics is democratizing data products.

  1. Social video marketing 

Social video marketing is a digital marketing tool with audiovisual images to market a brand. It also involves adding a variety of videos to a content marketing strategy. The objective of social video marketing is creating sharable video content and optimizing it to every social network. 

  1. Expanded data management 

Expanded data management is collecting, storing, and using data efficiently to help people and companies to benefit from an organization.

The big data trend and analytic methodology automate manual endeavors and empower customers with small specialized roles to use the garnered information to influence decision making in businesses.

  1. Social messaging apps 

Using customer messaging software to serve customers can deepen your brand’s relationship with consumers. Social messaging apps can also provide an instant way to connect with business and receive a prompt response. 

  1. Smart speakers

The rise in the use of voice assistants presents growth opportunities in customer service for businesses. The demand for smart speakers has disrupted businesses that rely on voice search thanks to Google Assistant apps and Siri’s likes.

  1. SEO for content marketing 

Content marketing refers to businesses’ strategy to develop useful information regarding their brands for potential customers who may become loyal consumers.

There are several types of content marketing commonly adopted by people to boost search engine optimization. They include blogs, forum participation, and image submissions.

Netbase Quid

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The company’s advanced Natural Language Processing technology can classify complicated language to help make sure that businesses make decisions based on accurate data. 

Final Thoughts 

Professionals in the digital market should know that change in emerging trends is an integral part of marketing. You need to look ahead and embrace new technologies, emerging trends, and tools to gain an added advantage over your competitors.

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