Hey, binge-watchers! We’re sure you have been watching a lot of movies or TV shows in the last few months. Don’t worry we’re here to spill the beans. Just kidding!

Have you or someone you know ever faced an error while watching Netflix? How does it feel when you’re in the middle of an important scene to watch and your screen flashes error code: m7121-1331?


If you are also one of those Netflix users who is facing this error quite often and wondering how to get rid of it, we’re here for you to help and fix error code m7121-1331.

Let us know all about it!

What is the error code: m7121-1331-p7 Netflix?

Faced by many Netflix Users, this is just another common error that prevents users from watching their favorite shows while it is caused if there is an issue with the browser in use.

Whenever there is an error, a message will pop up stating “there has been an unexpected error and the error code will also be mentioned”.

At times a simple webpage reload can fix the issue, however, you’d still want to know what causes it. Let us move ahead then!

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What are the reasons for error code: m7121-1331?

The error code m7121-1331 pops up on your screen if there is any problem with the browser from which you are accessing Netflix. According to Netflix officials, the error code m7121-1331 appears if the browser does not meet the minimum requirements necessary for plays the shows of Netflix.


The error can also occur if there is bad data in your browser’s cache that can prevent you from streaming Netflix shows.

Here are the more common causes of this error:

  • HTML 5 is disabled:

Netflix uses HTML 5 for streaming videos. This is the latest version of HTML and you can get an error message if HTML 5 is disabled in your web browser.

  • Outdated browser:

An outdated browser can be the major cause of Netflix error code m7121-1331. If you are not having the latest version of the browser, then you wont be able to stream Netflix videos.

  • Browser Extensions:

Sometimes the extensions of your browser can conflict with Netflix and prevent it from playing videos. This can also cause the error.

  • Bad Data:

One of the major causes of error code m7121-1331 is the presence of bad data in your browser cookies. The bad data may prevent you from playing Netflix videos. Netflix has to consider copyright issues, so it is very strict about the cookies and cache of your browser.

  • You might also face this issue if your browser has not been installed properly. Or if the browser is corrupt.

Wondering, how you can fix this error? An ample amount of solutions and troubleshooting steps are available to fix this error. Read further to know more!

How to fix error code: m7121-1331?

Every problem has a solution! Similarly, the error code m7121-1331 can also be fixed and you can stream your favorite Netflix shows without any hassle. Finding the perfect solution can be a bit difficult as there so many causes of this error. It would be much easier if you know the exact cause of the error.


Even if the cause is not known, you can try the solutions below, however, remember, it is better to try than sitting idle. Try these out:

1. Use a browse that supports Netflix and enable HTML

You can play Netflix videos only if you are using a supported browser. Netflix allows playback in chrome, firefox, edge, etc.

Ensure that your browser supports both Netflix playback or

Netflix uses HTML 5 so; your browser must support HTML 5 to play Netflix videos.

If you have disabled HTML5, you must enable it before playing Netflix videos.

2. Update your browser.

As we have discussed earlier, an outdated browser can prevent you from playing Netflix videos. Keep your browser updated and ensure to check for regular updates.

If your browser is updated, then your installation might have become corrupt. You can reinstall the browser to fix this issue.

3. Try disabling the browser’s extensions.

The error code m7121-1331 is often caused due to conflict between the browser’s extensions and Netflix. In this case, you can disable the browser’s extension for fixing the error. Once you disable the extensions, restart your browser and try connecting to Netflix again.

4. Clear browser cache.

If your browser cache contains bad data, then you might face error while streaming Netflix videos. So, we recommend that you clear your browser’s cache before playing Netflix videos.


If no other method works, you can check the Netflix server status in your area. It might happen that you are facing the issue as the Netflix server in your area is down.

Steps shared are some of the best ways to deal with it, however, If the error persists, then you can contact the Netflix customer support team, and this shall be resolved in a jiffy!


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