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RuneScape gold is an element in the game OSRS which could change the whole course of the event. Each game has its own unique mode of acquiring gold pieces which could take them to higher levels of the tournament. Hence, Gold Pieces or GP holds an important part in the game of OSRS.

But acquiring the GP is not as easy as it seems. Clearing the levels will not just cut it because there are many requirements that you have to fulfill. In this article, we will discuss all the important provisions that need fulfillment so that you can strategize and charge ahead.

What Are The Requirements You Have To Fulfill To Get The Gp?

A level has to be cleared through the employment of practice and effort. All the effort has to be invested through the assistance of a well-thought counsel.

That is to say, you have to analyze your moves and methods so as to come up with the well analytical skills to overcome any hurdle.

Only that way you can clear the toughest levels. However, only strategies and analytical plannings are not enough to clear the levels.

There are certain prerequisites that you have to keep in mind. There are three variations of provisions. Only if those provisions are taken care of, you can easily execute your plans.

  • Level: To get the GP you desire, you have to finish certain levels that comprise a number of quests. The quests that you have to clear are Priest in Peril, Pirate’s Treasure, and Rum Deal consequently.

Each quest comprises only one quest whereas the Rum Deal has a significant number of dependent quests incorporated in it. Each of the quests that fall under the cluster of Rum Deal has to be completed.

  • Jungle Potion – In this adjoining quest you have to look for herbs. When you spot them, you will have to collect them.
  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting – It is one of the shortest quests in the level.
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters– In order to clear this level, you have to clear both the levels mentioned above. After completing those, you will be given the chance to finish this one.
  • Combat: Combats are considered to be one of the most important parts of the game that requires thorough strategic planning. If you don’t have one, follow the steps mentioned below.
Requirements You Have To Fulfil In Order To Get Your Required Gp

While playing the Cabin Fever, you will be deliberately attacked by the level 57 Pirates. You will have to defeat them using combative methods.

You will be given the opportunity to clear a quest that requires you to clear Zogre Flesh Eaters. You will also see a level 111 boss.

The boss has to be utilized to your own will to suit your purpose. Spotting the boss is considered to be the toughest part of the task. Once you do so, everything will be done effortlessly.

  • Statistical: You have to maintain the statistical outcome too. It will manage the agility and power of your character. The more agile and strength you have, the easier you can cross the levels.
  • Retain level 40 Ranged
  • Amass the 42 Agility
  • Retain the 45 Crafting,
  • Maintain to have the 50 Smithing.
    • Managing the stats ought to be done skillfully. Honing your skills carefully to cross each hurdle will help you gain experience and knowledge. Apart from stats, power and agility, you will need the experience to understand the circumstance to measure up the whole outcome.

The more levels you cross, the more experience you will gain. So only by experiencing the roadblocks firsthand will you be able to amass the speed and mental strength and the ability to outcome issues strategically.

However, in order to fulfill the task, you will need some significant elements that could improve the whole outcome.

Crucial Elements:

These essential elements can prevail throughout the course of tournaments.

  • Food – You have to avail monkfish in order to amass strength in order to face the 57 levels of pirates. However, you can skip them if you have a higher level of combat status.
  • Ectophial – This is a very important element that needs to be refilled after the first usage. Note to refill it in the temple. It can create a huge difference in performance.
  • A ghost speaking amulet – This particular element is not necessarily required however it can come in handy given in dire situations.


If all these steps seem too tough for you to commit to then you can buy old school rs gold through a trusted website. By exchanging real-life money you can surmount the quantity of GP you are looking for.

They have multiple types of packages amounting to varied GPs. So choose wisely.

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