Can I Get Peacock on Roku? Guide To Streaming Entertainment

As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, NBCUniversal\’s Peacock has emerged as a major player. For Roku users, the good news is that after some initial hiccups and disagreements, Peacock is now fully accessible on the platform.

Peacock Plans And Prices

Navigating the world of streaming can be daunting, but Peacock simplifies it with three clear-cut plans:

  • Peacock Free
    Dive into the world of Peacock without spending a dime. While you won\’t find hits like \”Friends\” here, there\’s still a treasure trove of content to explore. And the cherry on top? No credit card hassles for access.
  • Peacock Premium
    At just $5 a month, elevate your streaming experience. From binge-watching the entirety of \”The Office\” to catching up on the latest NBC shows, this tier has it all. Plus, for sports enthusiasts, there\’s a whole world of live-action waiting.
  • Peacock Premium Plus
    For those who despise interruptions, the $10 monthly plan is a dream. Enjoy almost everything ad-free and get the added perk of offline viewing on mobile devices.

Supported Roku Devices For Peacock

Before you jump into the Peacock universe, ensure your Roku device is compatible. While a wide range of Roku devices support Peacock, 4K aficionados might be slightly disappointed—Peacock\’s content isn\’t available in 4K resolution.

How To Watch Peacock On Roku


Stepping into the vibrant world of Peacock on Roku is a breeze. With just a few simple steps, you can unlock a treasure trove of entertainment. Here\’s your guide:

Sign Up For A Peacock Account.


Begin your journey by visiting the official Peacock website. Browse through the various plans on offer. Whether you\’re looking for the complimentary offerings of Peacock Free, the expanded library of Peacock Premium, or the ad-free experience of Peacock Premium Plus, make your choice and sign up. Remember, each plan is tailored to cater to diverse entertainment needs.

Power Up Your Roku Device.


Before you can dive into the Peacock universe, ensure your Roku device is powered on and connected to the internet. A stable connection ensures a seamless streaming experience.

Add Peacock To Your Roku Lineup.


Navigate to the Roku Channel Store from your device\’s main menu. In the search bar, type \”Peacock\” and look for the official Peacock app. Once found, click on \”Add Channel.\” Within moments, the Peacock app will be added to your Roku channel list, ready for action.

Log In And Embark On Your Peacock Journey.


Launch the Peacock app from your Roku\’s channel list. If it\’s your first time, you\’ll be prompted to log in. Use the credentials you set up during the sign-up process. Once logged in, a vast world of movies, series, sports, and more awaits.

Personalize Your Experience.


Peacock offers a user-friendly interface where you can customize your preferences, create watchlists, and even set up multiple profiles for different family members. This ensures that everyone gets recommendations tailored to their tastes.

Stay Updated With Peacock\’s Features.


From time to time, Peacock introduces new features, content categories, and user interface improvements. Keep an eye out for updates to enhance your streaming experience further.

Content Available On Peacock For Roku Users

With Peacock, the entertainment possibilities are endless. Dive into a world where every genre, every emotion, and every story finds a place:

Current Television Series.


From gripping dramas like \”Blindspot\” to light-hearted comedies such as \”Parks and Recreation,\” Peacock ensures you\’re always in the loop with the latest episodes. Whether you\’re into thrillers, mysteries, or sitcoms, there\’s something for every palette.

Classic TV Shows.


Take a trip down memory lane with shows that defined television for generations. Relive the magic of \”The Office,\” laugh out loud with \”30 Rock,\” or delve into the intricate stories of \”Downton Abbey.\” These classics stand the test of time.

Peacock Original Series.


Step into uncharted territories with Peacock\’s original content. Series like \”Brave New World\” and \”The Capture\” offer fresh narratives, while reboots of \”Saved By the Bell\” and \”Punky Brewster\” bring a modern twist to beloved classics.

WWE Wrestling Content.


The ring is set, and the action is unmissable. Dive into the world of WWE with original series, documentaries, and archival content. Plus, live WWE pay-per-view events like \”WrestleMania\” and \”Royal Rumble\” ensure you\’re always on the edge of your seat.

News Sources.


In a world that\’s always changing, stay updated with comprehensive news coverage from NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and more. From politics to global events, get insights and analyses from trusted voices.

Sports Content.


Sports enthusiasts, rejoice! Whether it\’s the adrenaline rush of the Premier League, the strategy of the Ryder Cup, or the excitement of the Beijing Olympics, Peacock has got you covered. And with live updates, you\’ll never miss a goal, a shot, or a touchdown.



Settle in for a movie night with Peacock\’s vast collection. From critically acclaimed films like \”Short Term 12\” to blockbuster hits such as \”Grown Ups,\” there\’s a movie for every mood. Plus, with Peacock originals and past theatrical releases, the choices are endless.

Latino Programs And News.


Celebrate the vibrancy of Latino culture with a diverse range of programs. Telenovelas like \”100 Días Para Enamorarnos\” tug at your heartstrings, while news segments from Telemundo keep you informed about the Latino world.

Kids\’ Shows.


From animated adventures with \”Curious George\” to exploring the cosmos in \”Cleopatra in Space,\” Peacock ensures the little ones have a world of entertainment at their fingertips. Educational, fun, and engaging, these shows are perfect for the young and the young at heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a cost associated with the Peacock app on Roku?
Ans: The Peacock app itself is free to download on Roku. However, Peacock offers different subscription tiers, including a free version and premium paid versions.

Q2. Can I watch live TV on Peacock via Roku?
Yes, Peacock offers a selection of live channels, including news and sports, which you can stream in real time on your Roku device.

Q3. How often is content updated on Peacock?
Ans: Peacock regularly updates its content library with new movies, TV shows, and original programming. It\’s a good idea to check the platform frequently for the latest additions.

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