MacOS Sonoma: What New Features Are Expected?

Macs are the go-to machine for professionals, students, and hobbyists. The sleek appearance and optimized software make it an excellent choice for work and entertainment. Also, the system comes with excellent security options. For instance, if there is sensitive content on your computer, you don’t have to think too much about how to hide a folder on Mac. Press Command + Shift + period (.), and it’s done.

Similarly, there are excellent backup options like iCloud and the Time Machine app. You can transfer your sensitive data to iCloud or the Time Machine backup and remove them from your computer so nobody can access them. You can enable Hot Corners and assign specific actions to the four corners of the display. As you hover the cursor on the corners, the actions will be automatically performed. What’s more, you ask? Apple never disappoints with its yearly macOS updates.

That said, Mac users have had ants in their pants ever since Apple announced the release of macOS Sonoma (Ventura’s successor) at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023. The first beta was released in June 2023, and if you are an eager beaver, check your device’s compatibility and back up your data to install the beta version.

Here’s a breakdown of the excellent features coming to your Mac with the Sonoma update.

  • Added privacy In Safari

Apple is committed to enhancing security, and they’re keeping its word by adding more safety features to its pre-existing browsing features in Safari. You can lock your browsing windows instead of closing the tabs because you are away.

Also, you can separate the browser via profiles. This means you can create a profile for work and another for your personal life. What’s more, this new feature separates your extensions, histories, Tab Groups, cookies, and Favorites. Hence, switching back and forth is fuss-free.

You can also create web applications to turn your favorite sites into an app-like experience. You can place it in the dock. Rather than opening the browser window, you can launch the apps from your dock. You will even get notifications from them, and they can be segmented in tools like Stage Manager.

Apple is also making it easy to share passwords with colleagues, close friends, and families with shared accounts. You must create an account, and here, everyone can edit and add passwords to share them via iCloud Keychain.

  • Improvements To Video Conferencing

Fresh features for video conferencing are added to the upcoming macOS Sonoma. These features are available on FaceTime and third-party tools like Zoom.

Presenter Overlay is one of those features, ensuring you remain engaged in the discussion during screen sharing. There’s even the option of choosing between two options: small and large. With the former, you will appear in a movable bubble over the shared screen. The latter focuses on you, and you can speak and walk around while presenting.

The video conferences can be amplified by adding a reaction that fills the camera frame with augmented reality effects. Also, you can share multiple applications from the window you are currently in.

  • Animated screensavers

macOS Sonoma adds life to your device in the form of new screensavers. The animated screensavers are slow-motion videos of real-life locations worldwide, including the Sonoma Hills. The videos are grouped under categories like Cityscape, Earth, Landscape, Underwater, etc.

When you switch on your Mac, the experience is designed to appear at the bottom while keeping the screensaver in full view. Once you have signed into your account, the screensaver transitions smoothly into the desktop and becomes a static background.

  • Augmented screen sharing

It is convenient to share your screen during work meetings. Right? It makes it easier to convey your message or explain the presentation you are giving. But that’s where it ends. You share your screen, and the participants see whatever is on your screen. It isn’t intuitive, and you may even have to click around your system awkwardly.

Sonoma makes screen sharing user-friendly with the new Presenter Overlay. This shows the screen you want to share and appears next to your head. Also, you can click a dedicated button in the top-left corner of the app you are using and start screen sharing.

There are more features added to screen sharing. For instance, Reactions to video calls. You can trigger confetti, hearts, or balloons during a call by hand gestures. But these features are not available on Intel machines.

  • Game Mode

Apple is making some serious strides where gaming is concerned. The new Game Mode feature for graphically intensive titles prioritizes the GPU and CPU while playing a game. This delivers a smoother gaming experience with consistent frame rates. Also, it lowers the audio latency when using AirPods. The input latency is reduced with supported Xbox and PlayStation controllers.


macOS Sonoma brings all these new capabilities and features to elevate the Mac-using experience. If you are a risk-taker, install the beta version. Or wait for the release of a stable version.


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