3 Simple Ways On How To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Start-UP (It works!)

Avast Browser is no doubt one of the best antivirus apps. But, there have been a few instances when some users have reported annoying problems related to Avast. Some are also googling, “how to stop the avast browser from opening on startup?”

So, is there any way to stop it? Yes, there is!

In today’s tutorial, we have shared three methods to how to stop the avast browser from opening on startup.

Main Reasons Why Do The Avast Browser Keep Popping Up At The Start-Up

Many users ask, “Why can’t I disable Avast from start-up?” Some of them also complain that why does avast slow down computer start-up? And many more questions like that.  But why do users want to stop the Avast browser in the first place?


Well, let’s find out the common reasons behind it.

  • Reason #1 – You have accidentally permitted an avast launch a component startup.
  • Reason #2 – The browser has come bundled with the Avast Antivirus (Users are unaware of this fact).

Now that you know the main culprits, you might be worried about whether uninstalling the Avast browser affect your antivirus.

Well, it won’t impact anything! But it disturbs you and you wonder, Should I remove Avast Secure Browser?

Then, you can! if you feel this app is unwanted, then it is time to remove this app for good. Moreover, if you are already using a secure and dependable browser, then we recommend you uninstall it now.

Additionally, if a misconception clouds your mind with a question, does Avast need to run at a start-up? Then, here is a piece update, there is no need to run the browser if you already have an antivirus app.

Having mentioned that, now let’s know the tricks and tips on how to stop the avast browsers from opening on startup.

Three Quick Ways To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

So, till now, we hope that all the related concerns to stop the avast browser from opening on start-up is no more clouding your decision for finally take a step to stop the browser.

Considering the same, we would like to tell you that by the end of this blog, we are sure the app will be gone and your computer’s speed will be enhanced.

But how to stop the Avast browser from opening at the start-up?

Well, you can now uninstall the browser in just a few simple clicks. We have enlisted the three most used ways to stop the Avast browser from opening on startup.

So let’s get started with the tutorial.

Method 1 – Disable Avast Browser On Startup From Browser Settings 

Here comes the easiest way how to disable an avast secure browser? Also, tell us is the avast secure browser is automatically installed on your PC? Well, this method does the job and prevents the start-up from opening.

Here is how to remove Avast as the default browser in quick and easy steps.

Step 1 – Open the Avast browser.

Step 2 – At the top right corner, tap on the hamburger icon or the three vertical dots.

Step 3 – If you have opened it already, then go to Settings.

Step 4 – Keep scrolling down until you find “On Startup”.

Or else, you can go to the search bar, which is located at the top of the settings page. Then, simply type startup.


Step 5 – Once you find the startup page, make sure to toggle off the option in front of Launch Avast Secure Browser automatically.

Step 6 – Now, your PC will start and prevent the avast browser from opening on startup.

Step 7 – And those of you who want to remove the Avast browser from the default browser, then disable it by clicking on the option right below it.

Step 8– This way, you will stop getting annoying pop-ups that check to see if Avast is your default browser.

Step 9 – Then, close the default browser.

Step 10 – Lastly, reboot your PC, and the problem will no longer occur on your computer.

Are you wondering, “How do I stop Avast browser from starting up by using another method? Then, check out the next subtopic.

Method 2 – Disable Avast Browser On Startup From Task Manager 

Task Manager is a great tool for your Windows that helps you to check your app history, read your computer’s performance, as well as allows you to finish running tasks. But did you know that it also helps to disable apps that open on startup?

Yes, you head it right!

It is the second and another way to prevent other startup browsers including the Avast secure browser from opening on startup. It is as easy and as simple as 1-2-3…! All you need to do is open your Windows Task Manager.

Steps for disabling the browser through the Task Manager are mentioned below:

Step 1 – First of all, head to your Task Manager. You can do it by either right-clicking on the empty space near the Taskbar.

Step 2 – You can even press Ctrl + Shift + I to open the Task Manager quickly.

Step 3 – Or you can simply search for the Task Manager on the search bar.

Step 4 – After that, click on the Task Manager and select the Startup tab Look for the browser.

Step 5 – Then right-click on it to disable it.

Step 6 – Now, close the Task Manager.

Step 7 – Lastly, reboot your PC and the Avast Secure Browser will no longer open when you startup.

Are you unable to remove the Avast Secure Browser? Or due to some reason does the avast secure browser keeps installing itself? Then, have a look at the next fix below.

Method 3 – Using An Alternative Browser To Get Rid Of Avast Secure Browser Permanently.

Do you have another web browser? Do you want to remove the avast browser by using that browser?

As we all know, Avast comes with various Avast Antivirus, there is another way to stop this browser from opening. Don’t know how?

Then follow the procedure below to learn how to do it:

Step 1 – Go to the Control Panel. You can simply open it by typing the control panel in the search box.

Step 2 – Tap on Programs and Features.

Step 3 – Then right click on Avast Secure Browser located in the list of given programs.

Step 4 – After that, click in uninstall to remove the program completely.

Step 5 – Uncheck the browser option when the Avast Antivirus configuration window appears on the screen.

Step 6 – Lastly, restart your laptop or PC.

Step 7 – Later on, you can reinstall the browser again.

So this is one of the easiest ways to stop Avast secure browser startup on your computer or laptop. You can also use the listed fixes for both Mac and Windows PCs.

But, do you have the McAfee app, which you no longer want on your computer? Are you wondering, “How to disable McAfee on startup?”

Then, continue scrolling!

6 Easy Steps To Disable Mcafee On Start-Up On Windows 10

Just like Avast Antivirus, a McAfee splash screen appears on your Windows screen indicating that your computer or laptop is protected.


Now, you can hide it with a few easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Go to your task bar and double-click the McAfee icon.

Step 2 – Open the Navigation Center. It is located on the top right corner of the Home Page.

How to do it?

Step 3 – Click on the General Settings and Alerts located under the Settings column.

Step 4 – After that, tap on the General Settings drawer, which is located on the General Settings and Alerts page.

Step 5 – Next, on the General Settings and Alerts page, you need to deselect Show the McAfee splash screen when the computer starts.

Step 6 – Then, tap on Apply. That’s it.

And voila, your computer will be free from the McAfee splash screen.

Our Final Words On “Why Does Avast Browser Keep Popping Up” Problem 

We hope by now you have found the ultimate solution and know-how to stop the avast browser from opening on startup.

It will give technical relief from the constant headache this browser gives you daily. And no matter how great an app is, if it becomes burdensome, and is unwanted. Then it is better to get rid of it.

Above, we have shared some of the easiest ways to stop this annoying problem. If this tutorial has helped you, then do not forget to share this read with others. For more technical hacks and ways, stay tuned to this website.

Good luck!



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