Fortnite Champion Series Second Qualifier Starts February 19Th

With Fortnite’s third season-chapter one already in swing, competitive gamers will be gearing up to qualify for Fortnite’s Champion Series. The second qualifying event starts on

February 19th and will end the next day. The event is part of the duo’s cup competitive bracket and will have gamers fighting for their shot at a share of $3 million in prize money. While these players fight for the top cash prize, others will be making sports betting picks online on players they think will win this tournament.

ESports has come a long way thanks to games like Fortnite offering players and viewers the chance to cash in during their tournaments. So now it’s time to look at the breakdown of the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Second Qualifier three-round tournament.

Round One: Champion Ranked Duos

The first round that kicks off the second qualifier will be against duo players that have reached the Champion League rank in Fortnite’s Arena mode. Players in the first round of these duo matches will have three hours to rack up as many points as they can. Points are given for making the top 25 each match and for each elimination that a duo’s player gets in each match.

Round Two: 650 Duos Fight to Make it to the Next Round

The top 400 duos from the EU/NA/BR area and the top 250 duos from the ASIA/ME/OCE area will be the players involved in the second round of this qualifying tournament. The second round starts on February 20th, and duos will have three hours to rack up as many points as possible to advance to the third and final qualifying round.

The scoring format is the same as in round one, but only the top 50 duos will have a chance to go on to round three, inching closer to the Fortnite Champion Series Semi-Finals and Finals.

Round Three: Top 50 Duos Duke it Out to Punch Their Ticket to the FNCS Semi-Finals and Finals

The final round in the FNCS second qualifier puts the top 50 duos against each other just one hour after the end of round two. After their one-hour break from the second round, duos players will have three hours to get as many points as they can to guarantee their team a seat at the FNCS Semi-Finals and Finals match, along with a share of the $3 million prize pool.

After the round ends, the top eight teams in each region will automatically go to the FNCS Finals, while other top performers will get the invite to the FNCS Semi-Finals.

Cashing In: Who Gets the Share of the $3 Million Cash Prize Pool

For players to get in on the share of the $3 million prize pool, they will have to place in the top 50 in their region. Each region is allocated a portion of the prize pool, with players in the European Union getting the most significant share at $1,362,500 split among the 50 top duos from the EU.

For players to be eligible for a spot in the top 50, they must make it into the FNCS Semi-Finals and will be paid after the FNCS Finals conclude. For EU players, the first-place prize is $300,000 split between the two players in the duo squad, so $150,000 payday for each player.

The second-place finisher in the EU will get to split $200,000 between each other, not a bad payout for playing Fortnite. The 46th-50th place finishers will have $1,500 each to split with their duos partner.

The FNCS Finals: The Place to be for Those Looking for a Payday

The FNCS Finals will be played between March 4th-6th and will see the best in Fortnite compete for that $3 million prize pool. With EU players getting the more significant share of the pool, North American players will be right behind them with their share of the prize pool.

Regardless of what region gets the most money, we can expect to see some exciting matches with some of the most skilled Fortnite players from around the world. We will find out who will be the next FNCS champion in a few short weeks.


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