Do you think it’s possible to hide the chat section on Instagram live? Will you trust, if we say a big YES to this. 

Surprised! You heard it right you can now hide your Instagram live chat in just a few steps. After receiving so many requests regarding the hide feature on Instagram live, finally, the company brought this. 

Due to the number of spams and offensive comments that you must have noticed in your comments section during a live story is undoubtedly dizzy to look at. AND THIS IS AMONG INSTAGRAM FEW SETBACKS.

Instagram live is brought for social media influencers, to promote small or big brands, and everyday people, it became a massive hit. 

No No! We are not diverting you from the point either we, and here’s what you are looking for- 

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live? 

If you are the one hosting the Instagram Live, then for sure you will have to start the Livestream before you move ahead to hide the comments. 

For this, there are few things that you have to follow to give your Livestream the best edge for yourself and for your followers too. Here’s everything that will surely help you.

To Start The Live Stream- 

  • Step 1. Firstly, from the upper left corner of your Instagram you have to tap on the camera icon. 
  • Step 2. The next thing you have to do is to select the “Live” option present in the camera settings. 

Note-  While selecting the Live option just make sure it is located right below the capture button. 

When The Comments Start Rolling-

After you start the Livestream, there will be a number of comments start rolling. And for sure there will be someone in the followers complaining about this overabundance. 

A huge number of comments in a row can be quirky observations and also the emojis can even start blocking their screen. 

Here’s The Solution- 

When there comes a need to prevent the imminent disaster of comment overflow the very first thing you have to do is to click on the three horizontal dots present right next to the comment section.

After this you will notice two options getting popped on your screen, these are- 

  • “Turning Off Comment Section”
  • “Turn Off Requests To Go Live” 

You have to select the FIRST one from this and turn off your Livestream comment section for your followers. The second one will result in no live option on Instagram.

The Result- 

The time you select the comment section the comments section will disappear completely. However, in case you want your comment section back just Turn It On. 

This will bring all the previous comments before deactivation back on the screen. 

Yes, you heard it right “before the deactivation.” And if your mind asks- Why Can’t I Comment On Instagram Live? Then this is because of the deactivation which will make the Instagram comment button inactive. 

Where no comments are allowed after the deactivation, anyone dropping a comment will not appear to anyone not even to the host.  

Note- There’s no possible way to delete the comments permanently without ending up your live story. 

Also, deleting individual comments in live is not possible either. Well, if someone is continuously dropping offensive comments then you can block that follower from commenting further. 


But, Can Viewers Hide The Comments Section During An Instagram Live? 

Let’s Find Out- 

Yes, Instagram provides a feature where viewers can also hide the comments. But what’s not good is that this feature can only be used on PC/Mac. 

For this just download the Instagram Chrome extension on your PC/ Mac. After this add IG Stories For Instagram and then proceed to log in to your Instagram account. 

Select the live story of your choice. Next after this from the top right corner of the page select the “Hide Comments” option. 

Note- In case you want the comments back then simply tap on the “Show Comments” button at the same place. 

This was about how to hide a comment on Instagram live, but have you ever thought- 

What Happens When You Hide A Comment? 

When you hide a comment nobody other than the person who commented along with his/her friend will be able to see it. The one who commented will not even see a single hint that confirms his/her comment has been hidden. 

But the best part of the hide comment feature is that the user who dropped the comment will not be notified about this. 

That’s All About It. Just in case your mind popped up with a question that asks how to download someone’s live videos. Then we have an answer for this- 

How To Save Instagram Live Videos Of Others? 

You can’t Download Anyone’s Instagram Live video, Just Kidding! Else you can easily download someone’s Instagram live story using Chrome IG Story. 

Yes, it’s a very handy and easy to use Chrome extension that can help you save an Instagram Live story.

This chrome extension will save someone’s Instagram live story directly into your computer in the form of a ZIP folder. 

Amazing, right? Just check out the below steps to have this thing happen-

  • Step 1. First of all, download and install Chrome IG Stories. After installing, restart your computer’s Google Chrome.
  • Step 2. Click on Instagram’s homepage and login if you haven’t.
  • Step 3. Visit the profile who is live or have shared a Live story. When you find what you were looking for then simply start watching the story.  
  • Step 4. On the same page you will notice a Click Download option in the top left corner, just tap It. 
  • Step 5. This will start downloading the story and save it in the folder you set for all downloaded files in the form of a ZIP file. 

Note- If you don’t know How to extract ZIP files, then CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO

Sometimes there comes a need to mute someone during a live story, the reason might be anything, but the solution for this is here- 

How Do I Mute Someone On Instagram Live?


Is This Possible? Yes, it is. Isn’t it great! 

Imagine going live with a wine glass in your hand and suddenly realizing that the one you are scared of will also be notified about this stream. 

Relax! The new feature by Instagram can save you from this embarrassing predicament. Using this feature you can mute anyone you wish to. 

The new feature not only mute their live story notification for the selected person but also restricts him/ her to join your live. 

For sure you are going to thank Instagram for this. Now, have a look at how you can

Mute Someone On Instagram Live- 

You can easily mute someone during a Livestream by just long pressing their photo in the joined followers list and selecting the mute option. 

But, What if we say you can mute/hide anyone before you start your Livestream? Yes, that’s true. 

For this, you just have to follow the below steps one by one which are- 

  • Step 1. Open your Instagram app first.
  • Step 2. Now, in the bottom right corner you will be able to see you see your profile photo, Click On It.
  • Step 3. A side page will appear from which just click on the 3 bars present on the top right corner.
  • Step 4. A Settings menu will pop up from which you have to click on the Privacy and Security option.
  • Step 5. There you see an option “Story Controls” just click on it.
  • Step 6. After this, you will have to find the “Hide Story From” option from the top of the popped menu. 
  • Step 7. Click on it and select the person you want to mute your live stream/ story from. 

Note- This feature will only mute/hide someone from seeing your stories or Livestream not block or remove them from your follower’s list.

However, many users ask on different community forums that- 

How Do You Hide Your Chat On Instagram Without Deleting?


To Be Honest, there’s no way to hide your chat without deleting it on Instagram. To hide your chat you can delete it or log out of your account. 

Additional to this Instagram new Vanish Mode can help you delete a conversation made during the set time. 

One more question that keeps on heeding the community forums is that- 

How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram? 

Well, this is something we can call the simplest one. In just four steps you can Turn Off your Active Staus. These steps are- 

  • Step 1. First, rap your profile picture appearing at the bottom right corner of the home page.
  • Step 2. Tap the Instagram Settings option from this user profile section.
  • Step 3. Next to this select the Privacy option and tap on the Active Status.
  • Step 4. There you will notice a switch that on turning off will turn off your Activity Status, just tap it. 

Done! You are now Active on Instagram without being noticed.

Final Words

In today’s world Instagram is among the most common application you will find on someone’s smartphone. For this, we have listed out almost everything that an Instagram user should know. 

We hope after this read the issues or the confusion you were facing regarding many of the Instagram features like the Live or the Hiding will never going to unrest you. Instagram keeps on updating its platform and thus we, so keep checking this


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