2020 gave us a long quarantine to deal with, and as gamers, video games became a huge part of how we spent said quarantine.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 video games in 2020 and possibly the top video games of all time to help you choose your next video game! Let’s dive in:

  • Final Fantasy Remake VII

Final Fantasy VII is considered one of the top video games of all time, and this year, it came back with a remake that has updated graphics and combat styles to boost.

This remake not only targets the old users but also aims at engaging a new generation of gamers.

The game’s plot theme is a dystopian society where the lead player is a mercenary called Cloud Strife. Cloud’s quest includes stopping a corporation giant Shindra from using the Earth’s life essence as an energy source.  

  • The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog’s latest release this year was a follow up of one of the top video games of all time and specifically the last decade; The Last Part of Us.

Following up on the first part and meeting old gamers’ expectations was a huge feat, and they rose to it with this version.

This is the story of Ellie in the post-apocalyptic United States. The game gives players a wide range of enemy characters to battle with improvised weaponry at their disposal.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

When Animal Crossing New Horizons was first released in the early days of quarantine, it was exactly what we all needed at the time. A calm, constructive game with a paradise theme that we could escape to.

We’re sure that you’re at ease and happy with your forever life by now and are constantly making it better than it already is! Would you say this is one of the top video games of all time? We sure do!


This is quite literally a dream come true for gamers. A game that allows you to build your own narrative and, eventually, your own game. Not only this, once a gamer builds their game, other gamers can have access and actually play it.

You’ll find at least a hundred different versions of the same game, and you can pick and choose whichever best suits your taste. This one is a must-try at least once in your life.

  • Doom Eternal

Let’s see. You get to go on a demon-killing spree through hell with a gun. Would you miss it for anything in the world? We didn’t think so either. Doom eternal keeps its predecessor’s integrity and adds so much more value to it.

This video game has managed to keep the integrity of the three-decades-old franchisee alive. It’s great graphics and a hell of an experience all packed in one video game, and that makes it one of the top video games of all time.

Top 10 Video Games of 2020 So Far: Here is the list
  • Carrion 

Carrion gives you the chance to experience a video game from the other end. It basically allows you to be the villain, which is a monster that goes around munching on humans to grow stronger.

This is a 2-D narrative where biomass escapes a lab and becomes a horrid monster on a human flesh rampage. If you’re into that genre, this will definitely stand out to you.

  • Half-Life: Alyx

This one here has the potential of being one of the best video games of all time because it is such a kick-ass combination of Virtual Reality and a survival theme.

Yes, you heard that right, you get to experience the thrill of navigating for your survival, and it feels real because it’s VR. We encourage you to give this one a try. Chuck a grenade, watch it explode, and take your senses for a crazy ride.

  • Paper Mario- The Origami King 

Another one that fits right with the global quarantine mood and continues to serve as a comfort game. After a series of versions that really didn’t resonate with Paper Mario fans.

like looking at you and Sticker Star, this one certainly hit home with a fresher and cleaner look and straightforward narrative. A version of one of the best video games of all time? We would say absolutely, yes!

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps

One of the best games out there in terms of its original soundtrack and the art style, this one is a 2020 XBOX exclusive. It stays true to Ori and the Blind Forest’s greatness and adds so much more to it with a beautiful story and gaming experience.

  • Murder By Numbers

This one is a hit for gamers that like problem-solving in their video games. It’s easy for anyone who likes to exercise their brains with a simple puzzle or a linear problem. This is a fresh breath of air in an array of games that focus on just doing and not thinking.

So that’s our list of the best video games in 2020, emphasizing trying to establish the top videos of all time!


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