8 Films Based On Animals

Everyone loves a good animal flick. Warm and lighthearted easy watching is in the movie guide for today and these animal-loving options will be great for almost everyone.


This is a cute little Australian film from 1995 is about a little piglet who learns to herd sheep with the help of Farmer Hoggett who bought Babe at a local county fair. It is a live-action film but all the animals talk and are voiced by well-known Australian actors including Hugo Weavingz


Beethoven is a giant St Bernard who lives with the Newton family in suburban America. There is an evil vet who experiments on dogs – and Beethoven is on the list.

This is a light-hearted family comedy with just the right amount of drama to even it out.  This film spawned several sequels as well as an animated TV show.


One of the more thrilling entries in this list, Jaws terrified audiences when it came out in 1975. This film, considered to be the first summer blockbuster, kept people out of the water for a long time. The minimal use of the shark, known as Bruce on set, added to the tension and horror and was actually because the mechanical shark kept malfunctioning.

Jurassic Park

When Jurassic Park came out in 1993, audiences were simply blown away by the special effects, which still hold up to this day. The use of a mixture of CGI and animatronics and the direction by Steven Spielberg made for a thrilling experience with the dinosaurs brought to life almost believably.

There was tension and dread and a great storyline, adapted from the book of the same name by prolific author Michael Crichton.

Ride Like a Girl

This biographical film is about Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.  Despite less than favourable odds on Melbourne Cup online betting websites, she managed to pull out into the lead in the last 100 metres of the race. It is an inspiring story of a girl who has an incredible bond with her horse, Prince of Penzance.

The Lion King

Considered to be one of the greatest animated Disney films, the Lion King was a resounding success at the box office back in 1994. The soundtrack to this film was phenomenal, winning 2 Oscars for best original song and best original score.

This was followed by the computer-animated remake in 2019 which was considered to be one of the most aesthetically beautiful movies of all time.

A Bugs Life

The life of a bug is not easy and this 1998 CGI animated film follows Flik, an ant who volunteers to go out and find some warrior bugs to help them with the evil grasshoppers, who are always stealing their food.

The film was a box office success for Pixar Studios and picked up quite a few award nominations. This is a fun, light-hearted movie that thoroughly deserved all its accolades.

March of the Penguins

This Morgan Freeman narrated documentary covers the life of the penguins in the harsh Antarctic environment. It follows the emperor penguin’s march to travel to their traditional breeding grounds to begin the mating ritual with the females.

A spectacular insight into the lives of these flightless birds with stunning scenery and wonderful insight.

From animations to CGI to biographies, there are so many animal movies out there to enjoy. 


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