We all know that there is nothing better as an assistant than Siri and being a virtual assistant, she will make everything possible with less effort.

However, the best AI is constantly making improvements and Apple would never fail to make us amazed by all-new addition.

They actually know how much we love Siri and we love the way she guides us with everything.Siri Voice Text

Just like that, Siri Voice Generator is the new edition, and honestly, people who have got to know Siri, they have missed a lot of things and the whole growing part of Siri as well.

So, they will get this new version added already but still, there is a lot to know. There would never be enough of exploring Siri and that’s because of nothing but the constant up-gradation.

Siri is getting the better day and by and if you want to explore things and facts behind this new edition as well. Then you need to check out below

How To Make Siri Voice Over?

As we have said, Siri Text To Speech is the new edition and you can’t have enough of this ever. In case, you are using macOS then you will be able to Make Siri Say Things. Like a lot of people wonder “How To Make Siri Say Whatever You Want”, that’s how you would be able.

If you really do not want to dig into code and you think those are pretty hard then you can simply use Adobe Audition as a Fake Siri Voice Generator. It would be really easy to learn as well as execute.

A Detailed Guide On Siri Voice Text To Speech

Also, there are a few third-party sites available on the web that has come close to generating Siri’s voice over. Let’s find out the way below 

Female Siri Voice Generator:

If you really want to explore How To Make Siri Say What You Type, then you will have to follow whatever we will be saying.

In case, you want to make a different Siri voice that too from another part of the world speaks then you can simply download and switch voices and the whole thing is really easy on macOS. You will have to choose the following options below

  • System Preferences
  • Accessibility
  • Speech

There, you will get an option for choosing a different voice than Siri. How far we know, the voice of Siri for the US is Samatha. And when you will choose a different option, it will give you command such as “say hello, I’m Samatha, the voice of Siri”.

Also, there are apps available for Make Siri Say Anything App, you can also try them. People generally love the voice of Siri but you might be different and you want something different, we won’t say that it’s not obvious.

You can always keep exploring whichever suits you and how to make everything get back in the same way as well.

Siri Voice Online Generator:

The online generator options are not at all wide but they are pretty limited. To date, Apple has not launched anything to Text To Siri Voice so, you can say there is no such official site but a few are available.

However, you might need to use a text to speech website that are available on the web to create your own voice for Siri. You can rather say a fake Siri voice of yours. We would be providing you with the list of generators and a youtube video on how to do this.

Male Siri Voice Generator:

Well, the video we have shared would surely let you stop wondering How To Make Siri Say Stuff and start searching for the best one and how to use it. You might not know that the male voice of Siri in the UK is by someone named Daniel. He has given the voice over and you are hearing his voice as Siri.

There is the easiest way from where you can start over and you can easily do it by installing the Terminal app in macOS. However, you might simply do this by simply searching for Terminal in the spotlight or following the options below

  • Applications
  • Utilities
  • Terminal

After you will see that the Terminal app is launched the male voice will be speak back to you just like ‘say hello from music Radio Creative”.

In case, you want something for Siri Voice Reader, you can try the app adobe audition. It comes with a cool speech generate feature and the process we have already shared via a Youtube link above. You can access it from the options below

  • Effects
  • Generate
  • Speech

After typing the text, you will have to generate the text box and there you will be able to see other settings as well. The settings would be about volume and speaking rate. Once you will be happy with the option, you need to end up with a waveform and you can now save it as an mp3 or any other audio format.

Bottom Line: 

A Detailed Guide On Siri Voice Text To SpeechDiscussion
How To Make Siri Voice Over?The process is not at all difficult and we have made it easier for you.
Female Siri Voice GeneratorYou can easily change that and try your own voice over.
Siri Voice Online GeneratorThere are plenty of generators available and you can choose one.
Male Siri Voice GeneratorJust like the female one, you can change it as well and keep yours!

Now, hopefully, we have made everything clear and you can also check out the links to understand better. The video guide would be best if you watch them before starting the whole thing. It will not only make the operation smooth but also perfect. So, let’s try it!


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