The purple iPhone 12 is probably the most-searched-for device from Apple. It offers an interesting alternative to the classic colors with which the 12th generation of iPhones was launched.

The purple iPhone 12 in Singapore is made available by a wide range of retailers and operators.

Limited Choices…

Despite Apple having 4 versions of the iPhone released for the 12th generation, the purple color option is limited to just 2 of them. In simple words, if you want the Pro and the Pro Max in purple, you’re out of luck.

The purple iPhone is available only for the mini and the standard version of the smartphone. This is not much of a surprise since the rest of the color choices are also different from one version of the phone to another.

Where to Get It

In terms of purchasing an actual purple iPhone 12 in Singapore, there are plenty of choices. If you want to get it in cash, contract-free, you can get it from the official Apple stores, third-party retailers, or mobile operators.

The prices will vary from one seller to another. What you should know is that the highest price for the iPhone 12 is being offered by mobile operators.

Even if the price of a contract-free iPhone 12 is higher with operators, they should not be discarded. There are some great deals for the purple iPhone 12 in Singapore offered by mobile operators.

The only condition is that you get them on a contract. You can get the phone at considerable discounts. Depending on which subscription you get, you can even have the purple iPhone 12 for free. However, you should expect a hefty monthly payment on your mobile plan.

Before You Get the Purple iPhone 12…

The purple iPhone 12 is without a doubt a gorgeous device. As Tim Cook put it, it is meant to represent the spirit of spring and for this reason, purple seems like a fitting color.

What you should know is that there is a slight color difference between what you see in pictures and how the phone looks in reality.

When the phone was first shown during the Apple spring event, it appeared vibrant. The purple was rather intense. In reality, the color is less invasive, more discreet. It is a mild purple, but still a great color for the iPhone 12.

It would make sense to first have a hands-on experience with the purple iPhone in Singapore in one of the many shops that have it on display before making a decision.

Another thing to note is that the purple iPhone was released as part of Apple’s mid-cycle refresh. While it does not have any hardware upgrades, it is still a great device.

Even if the next generation of iPhones is estimated to be launched in late 2021, the iPhone 12 remains a very capable device that should perform well for at least a couple of years.

In simple words, you should not have second thoughts about getting a purple iPhone 12 in Singapore or wait for the next generation, especially if you are long overdue on your smartphone upgrade.


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