There are many amazing and funny responses that you will get once you ask Siri something funny about it. One of those questions that you will want to ask Siri is why are firetrucks red.

 This particular question will Gardner a beautiful yet amazing response that is enough to cheer anyone. In this article, we will discuss what response you will get once you ask Siri something ridiculous.

How To Utilize This Function?

This function of Siri allows Siri to perform a marvelous feat. There are many numbers, sentences, and other phrases which if you utter, prompts Siri to say or do things in reply which becomes rather funny. No matter what you say, Siri always has the response.

For instance, if you tell Siri to call 112, she will direct the call to the emergency number in America as well as to Indian emergency services.

If you ask Siri to say something catchy, she will perform the line of the song. The setting is done in a way in which you can use it to your benefit by turning this feature into a mode of prank.

why are firetrucks red siri answer

What Happens When You Ask “Why Are Firetrucks Red Siri”?

Similarly, one of the most ridiculous and funny answers that you will get if you ask Siri why the fire trucks are red, is something that you will never have imagined.

So when you ask Siri about it she will respond by saying “Monty Pythonesque application of the principles of logic and etymology, “

The answer that you are trying to seek from Siri doesn’t really come forward, instead, it makes the people really baffled as they cannot grasp the meaning of the question.

It doesn’t really touch the main question, let alone answering it which is why it makes a great joke, as very few will understand the pun that is inside the answer.

The question and the ‘why are firetrucks red Siri answers’ resurfaced on Reddit when a Reddit user, only out of pure curiosity tried to unravel the reason behind it and they posted the answer by Siri. A serious question was answered as something so confusing that it lost all its meaning and rendered it to be ridiculous.

Since then, many have been asking Siri the same question to see the response. However, what they haven’t thought of is that they can use this particular question to prank people too.

How Should You Stage The Prank?

Here we will teach you how to stage a prank using this particular question. It is very easy and you don’t even have to worry too much about it as Siri will do the main trick, all you have to do is just sow the seed of curiosity in the person whom you are trying to trick.

The setting doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter where you guys are standing or sitting, it could be in a restaurant, or your house or even in a park. Of course, you already know the course of the prank and what Siri will answer, but you have to act aloof.

why are firetrucks red siri answer

Take your phone and try to act busy. When you do, don’t make obvious eye contacts but make sure that you are open to having a conversation.

So act as if you are scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and all of a sudden pop up the question of whether the person who is sitting with you knows why the fire trucks are red. Of course, that person will direct the question towards you and ask ‘why?’.

It is at this point you have to keep vying the question. You can neither give in the answer nor tell the person to search it the answer using Google.

At this point don’t make it too obvious and don’t come off as someone who is adamant at knowing, if you force too much, you will give off the prank and the person will hint that something is fishy.P So at this point, you should not ask questions rather tell “I am curious to know about it, it’s insignificant but interesting”. This will surely increase the curiosity in the person.

Amidst The Conversation, Slip The Suggestion That The Person Hould Ask Siri.

As soon as the person asks ” hey Siri why are firetrucks red”, Siri will answer with that definitive answer that he/she won’t get.

It will surely throw the person of the guard as the person will fail to understand the answer because there is hardly any connection to what you have asked him. This answer will surely make one laugh.

What Are Some Of The Points You Should Keep In Mind?

There are some of the points that you should keep in mind before staging the pranks.

why are firetrucks red siri answer
  • Make sure that the person doesn’t know about this particular prank and
  • Make sure that the person doesn’t know what Siri will answer.
  • Don’t sit too close.
  • Don’t be too pushy. If the person doesn’t want to tell Siri, you should. It will be equally fun.
Ask Siri “Why firetrucks are Red?” to get the Flabbergasted answerDiscussion
How to utilize this function?You can use Siri’s talkback system to stage a prank.
What happens when you ask “why are firetrucks red Siri”?She will give a functionality answer. To know more about it. Read the article.
How should you stage the prank?The thorough process to stage the prank is written below.
What are some of the points you should keep in mind?Never take a prank too seriously, make sure that the person doesn’t know about the answer to the question are some of the tips you should know.


Now you know all the tricks, tips, and methods. What are you waiting for? Ask this ridiculous question to Siri to make someone laugh.


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