Being a student requires a lot of energy to study well and mark all the “write my college paper” in to-do lists as done. Where to get energy? Eating and sleeping, of course.

Have you ever asked yourself where you can get a good meal at a cheap price? Or is there a way that I could spend less than ten dollars but get a healthy meal? Well, you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.

We have researched and come up with a list of spots that provide ready-made meals at an affordable price. The food is also nutritious and good for students.

List of the restaurants

Many students in college do not have enough money to get a good meal in fancy restaurants. All the spots mentioned in this list offer affordable meals and even food deliveries. So make sure you do not go hungry.

  • Chipotle

It is a Mexican food hub that offers huge burritos. The burritos can be used as a great dinner supplement to make sure you stay healthy. They also offer burritos in a bowl which cost only six to seven dollars depending on your choice of meat. You can also get a bag of chips for only one dollar and seventy-five cents.

  • Jimmy John’s

It is famous for late-night food deliveries making it a popular spot for students. A cookie, sub as long as eight-inch and a drink go for as low as nine dollars and fifty cents.

  • Subways

The subways offer great sandwiches using different varieties of bread. You can get a sandwich combined with a soft drink for as low as ten dollars. The sandwich can have a combination of veggie delight, tuna, roasted-oven chicken, meatball marinara, and turkey breasts.

  • Noodles and Company

For those students who love pasta, here is a spot for you. The reputation of Noodles and Company is very high. They are known to offer the best noodles and pasta meals.

One serving of noodles or pasta with feta cheese sprinkled with parmesan sprinkles goes for four dollars and ninety cents.

The most popular dishes in these restaurants include pesto cavatappi, Wisconsin mac, Pasta Fresca, and pad Thai. Accompanied by a drink, the total meals cost seven to eight dollars.

  • Mod pizza

Mod pizza serves pizza as fast food. Making it convenient for a student with a busy schedule. The pie prices range from seven dollars and fifty cents to eight dollars for a pizza of eleven inches. Topping is unlimited, allowing you to choose different toppings almost every time.

  • Taco bell

They offer affordable chicken enchilada grande burritos and three-cheese nacho grande burritos. The prices are as low as a dollar. Although some spots changed this to dollars and nineteen cents, the price is still very good. They also offer other nachos and quesadillas at an affordable price of fewer than five dollars.

Bonus restaurants

Here are some extra restaurants to check out too.

  1. Steak N Shake.
  2. Panda Express
  • Burger King
  1. Wendy’s
  2. McDonald’s

For deliveries

  1. GrubHub
  2. DoorDash
  • OrderUp


If you ever struggle with the restaurant that offers affordable meals, I believe this article has cleared that up for you. So the next time you feel hungry, just get into any of the discussed spots and get a meal without denting your wallet.


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