None of your goods in your home will last forever, let’s face it. As a consequence, furniture removal is inevitable at some point in your life. Even if you’re one that rather keeps his stuff as long as possible. Eventually, it’ll break down or you’ll notice at the next move some items simply won’t make it.

Maybe you just feel an urgent upgrade is in order, our style changes as time passes. Decoration remains one of the hardest tasks as most items are usually very large and heavy. And thus, costs can vary. To choose your best furniture removal, get a quote for free.

Average Costs Of Furniture Removal

In the US, it ranges somewhere between 50 and 150 $. Yes, that’s true quite an ample scope. As a rule of thumb, that’s basically the number for a basic removal that may include a sofa and a chair or two. Usually, those figures already include taxes and other fees, but you shouldn’t be too certain about it.

Some junk removal services only give you an estimate for the disposal itself, but don’t mention disposal fees or taxes that may apply. With it, there is no one size that fits all estimates. Every furniture removal is different and it depends a lot on what exactly you’re getting rid of.

Fees are influenced by the following factors:

Your Area

Furniture removal fees are always based on the standard of living in your area first. If you live in an area with rather high expenses of living, you can expect higher fees. Fortunately, it goes both ways so that the fees will be smaller in somewhere with a lower living standard.


What Exactly You’re Getting Rid Of

Each furniture removal fee is, at a second step, based on how many items you need to dispose of. Another factor that comes into play is the matter of how many people it’d take to haul it out.

The larger an item is, the higher the fees will eventually be. And the more you have to take away, the fees are respectively higher, too.

The Weight Of Your Furniture

The heavier and bulkier your furniture is, the more difficult the job will be. Special equipment might be required to move it from your home into the truck. Simple chairs don’t have much weight and can be hauled away a lot easier than a monster sofa.


Larger items that are difficult to move as a whole are easier to haul off if they’re dismantled. If disassembly is required to move it through your door frames, it’ll add to the fees. Keep in mind that furniture removers put some labour and effort into the disassembly. 

The Difficulty

Last, but not least, the furniture removal will be less costly if your items can be hauled out from the ground floor. Depending on if there’s an elevator or not, your estimate will be handed over to you accordingly.

Additional Costs

Other costs your estimate should clearly point out are costs for fuel. The closer the furniture removal service is to you, the lesser of a distance they’ll have. Thus, the fuel costs are considerably lower than for longer distances. As a matter of course, there are additional costs for labor and disposal fees.

It should raise your eyebrows if an estimate doesn’t mention any of these.


How To Make Your Furniture Removal Cheaper

Truth be told, this service is the most convenient way for you. You don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting or worry about how to dispose of it. Most modern removal services have partnered with charities. They automatically donate any of your items if they’re still in good shape.

All other items will be recycled and only a tiny amount of your unwanted furniture ends up in the landfill. You can rest assured that you won’t be contributing to more environmental pollution with a furniture removal service.

However, if it’s a lot that you want to let go of and are on a budget, you can lower those fees. It does require some effort from you, but you may end up earning some bucks. You can put those funds forward to the furniture removal fees.

Attempt To Sell Some Items

Take a good look at your furniture and think about it if you could offer it for sale. Online platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, or even by and sell groups on social networks are a fantastic start. Take some pictures of your furniture, add measurements and let the buyer haul it out.

Consignment shops would be another great idea. But if your furniture doesn’t sell within a given timeframe, you may have to pick it up again. Second-hand shops might therefore be a better choice to sell your stuff.

Offer It For Donation

Anything that’s still ok and you’d happily accept as a gift is good to donate. Contact charities in your area if they’re receiving donations at the moment. The Goodwill or Salvation Army often look for furniture they can hand down to people in need.

They might even be able to arrange a furniture removal for free. Due to restricted capacities, they can’t offer it everywhere, so it’s better to check with them first.

Rent a Dumpster or Bring It To The Landfill Yourself

You can rent a dumpster for a larger furniture removal project and bring it away from yourself if you have a trailer. Dumpster fees can vary considerably, too. Once you’ve exhausted all the above-mentioned options, you can still ring the remains to a landfill yourself.

Be aware, this process will involve heavy lifting for you. It’s best to ask a friend to give you a hand and have him accompany you to the landfill. There’s no guarantee anyone could be able to help to haul out your furniture from your trunk at the landfill. 


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