Are you tired of covering up your love handles and hiding your double chin? Worry not. We all want to shed weight for some reason or another.

It may be that you want to throw away your shirt confidently at the beach or improve your overall health. Losing weight is a phase everyone goes through.

But for something so widespread in awareness, why do so many people fail? Why do we always see one oddball out of the bunch who really nails healthy weight loss?

Perhaps, it’s because of the over advertisement of overnight weight loss programs. Some diet plans promise you to drop 20 pounds a month, while some fitness programs claim to do nearly double of that. But, is there any truth to these?

Weight loss can be carried in more ways than one. The “ideal” programs you usually come across are crash diets and high-intensity fitness routines that very few can adjust to. The sheer intensity of these programs either bore you out or scare you off.

But if you want a lasting change, for your body to remain lean and not grow back the abrupt loss of fat mass, you’ll want to go with something slow and steady. So, here are our top picks for how you can lose weight quickly and effectively.

Improve Your Diet

Starting with the obvious one out, diet is probably the biggest contributor to how you turn out to be physical. Eating without accountability makes you put on weight and welcomes a plethora of health issues.

I say to improve your diet and not change because you rarely adjust to a completely new diet plan. It may or may not have the things you like to eat and have a higher probability of discontinuing it.

You need something you can stick to for a long time without it bothering you for promising results.

Processed food and saturated carbs are what you should steer clear from for miles. They make you consume much more calories than you intend to, and that too with the least nutritional content.

Replace your sugary and savory snacks with a few nuts, almonds, or cashews. They’re going to keep you full for much longer and bring down your caloric intake as well.

However, the essential part is to fill your pantry with options of lean meat, leafy greens, fruits, and healthy fats. Having a fulfilling diet helps you meet your nutritional requirements and prevents muscle mass loss with fat.

Also, once you replace saturated fats and processed foods with the healthier options mentioned above, you’ll start to utilize the stored fat in your body instead of carbs to speed things up.

Get Adequate Sleep

Not the thing you want to hear to get motivated for weight loss, but sleep does matter. Improper sleep routine, whether you’re oversleeping or under-sleeping, has negative impacts.

Oversleeping restricts the amount of activity you have in a day. It makes you more lethargic and invites mental health issues like depression and anxiety. And these make you indulge in unhealthy eating habits.

Compulsive eating as a coping mechanism for stress or not being energetic enough to work out the next day slows down your weight loss.

On the contrary, under-sleeping makes you eat abnormally as well. You need caffeine or, most importantly, sugar to help you stay energetic when awake. It, too, leads to compulsive behavior and negatively impacts your weight loss.

The best thing you can do is have anywhere between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. If you have trouble sleeping, a bit of CBD pre-rolls may help you doze off better.

They are a completely organic solution for sleeplessness and can be bought for cheap rates at a wholesale CBD. Only after a good night’s sleep, you’ll be able to put more into your workouts and follow your diet for effective weight loss.

Work Out

Although your diet and sleep make up most of your weight loss routine, you’ll never really get the refined results until you put effort into burning stored fat.

Any type or intensity of physical activity is ideal for weight loss. Some experts are even of the opinion that walking to a grocery store instead of driving and taking the stairs instead of the elevator makes a difference as well. However, if you want quick and convincing results, you’ve got to put in a little more effort than that.

You can really speed up your weight loss depending on your physical activity. But let’s not take it to extremes and start with something that’s manageable as well.

Moderate intensity exercises that raise your heartbeat and make you sweat are ideal for weight loss. You should engage in such exercises at least three times a week, making a total of 90 minutes of weekly activity.

What you want to take care of is to only perform the exercises that you can do comfortably. Because if not, you won’t have the energy or the motivation to push yourself to the gym every day. Frequency beats intensity on any day when it comes


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