electronic cigarette faqs the biggest questions answered

Compared to regular cigarettes or even cigars, medical experts consider vaping devices as generally safer. Some even recommend using them when they wean themselves off of smoking in general.

If you’re interested in purchasing an electronic cigarette but still have a few questions about it, the following FAQ may help answer them.

Question #1: Mod or Cigar-Like?

There are two device options when you’re in the market for an electronic cigarette—mods and cigar-like models. Some vaping devices look like regular cigarettes, which are light enough to hold in between your fingers.

The other option is to use mods—which are a bit bigger and heavier. Each of these has its features.

Features of cigar-like vaping devices:

  • Features cartridges that you can twist and drop easily
  • Light and small enough to keep in your pocket
  • The liquid usually has a higher nicotine content
  • Lower vapour production
  • Lower liquid capacity
  • Short battery life

Features of mods:

  • Longer battery life
  • Features refillable tanks
  • You will have to replace the atomiser coils regularly
  • Higher vapour production
  • e-liquid usually has a lower nicotine content
  • Tanks have higher capacities—more smoking liquid for you to use
  • May lead to a faster consumption
  • Bigger than a cigarette box—but some mods have been designed to be small enough to fit inside pockets

Question #2: Rechargeable or Disposable?

You can buy an electronic cigarette that is either disposable or rechargeable. When the battery or liquid of a disposable unit runs out, then you dispose of it. They’re cheap and easy to replace.

Rechargeable vaping devices allow you to pick and choose the flavour of e-liquid that you can refill it with. You can also just charge the battery when it runs out of charge. You can even modify your electronic cigarette according to your smoking habits.

Each of these options has its merits. If you want one that you just dispose of without any fuss and no maintenance to worry about, then get a disposable one. If you prefer a longer-lasting experience with a personalised vaping device, then a rechargeable one is for you.

Question #3: What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is another term for an electronic cigarette—particularly the ones that aren’t mods but those that look cigarette-like.

Question #4: Are There Recurring Costs?

If you purchase a rechargeable e-cigarette, then there are recurring costs like the e-liquid, atomiser coil, and in certain models, you will also have to replace the tank from time to time.

If you’re using a rechargeable model, then you might be looking at a monthly cost of $100. However, if you’re using disposable e-cigarettes, then you may have to spend at least $50 a month—that is if you’re using only one cartridge a day.

Question #5: What are Cotton Wicks?

Some e-cigarettes have cotton wicks which produce purer flavours. However, make sure that the mod you’re using doesn’t run out of the liquid, or else it burns the cotton, and the vapour will taste like burnt cotton.

Question #6: What Controls are Available?

The controls on a vaping device will allow you to control the temperature, voltage, and the output.

Question #6: Are There Safety Features?

You may have heard of e-cigarettes that explode or those that electrocuted the user. The newer models today have a host of safety features that help to prevent and safeguard against these mishaps.

Many e-cigarettes and mods today have the following safety features:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Battery protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over/under voltage or current protection

If you think that these e-cigarettes and mods are a good fit for you and want to try them out, you can order one today. Start with a disposable starter kit, then maybe move on to a custom kit.


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