There are a few cities in the world that are famous for their coastline. Sydney, Australia, is one of them. Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, has probably one of the most iconic cityscapes seen from the ocean perspective.

Sydney also has two of the most famous human-made landmarks globally, namely the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

While these two landmarks are majestic to look at on a walking tour, they are even magnificent as seen from a boat because you can see them together at the same time. 

Having the Sydney Opera House in the foreground with the Harbour Bridge in the background is an Instagram worthy photo. However, you can only achieve this great shot when you are touring on a boat.

This is why many tourists and even Sydney residents choose to hire boats for special gatherings and occasions. However, if you plan to hire a boat for an event, you have to be familiar with what type of boat you will get.

Renting a large boat for your group may be too costly, and the additional area may not give you the intimate feel you desire. However, renting a too-small boat for your group may become overcrowded and may bring about safety issues

Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of boats if you are planning on approaching an agency for boat hire in Sydney.


As the name implies, passengers of these boats will be riding in the boat’s front part (bow). Bowriders will also have a traditional seating at the back of the console.

They range from 17 to 35 feet in length and can comfortably accommodate half a dozen to ten guests. Bowriders are a great choice for an intimate but short boat party since it lacks facilities such as a bathroom or a sleeping area. 

Cuddy Cabin

If you plan on partying overnight, then a cuddy cabin will be ideal for you. Cuddy cabins have sleeping quarters, a bathroom, a cooking area and can be used for all water activities.

Their closed deck will also offer protection from the sun and rain. However, cuddy cabins are limited only to a small family of four to eight. 


If partying is what you are after, then you should rent a pontoon for the night. These flat, rectangular boats have spacious areas for your guests to move about.

The pontoons also offer enough buoyancy for you to customize the pontoon’s deck with amenities such as a bar or lounge chairs. 


If you have a substantial budget for your party boat rental, then yachts will be best suited for you. Yachts are used for luxury entertainment. Yachts also vary in size and may accommodate twenty people or more.

However, it would help if you took note that the more the boat can accommodate, the higher the rental cost will be. 

The above list is just some of the boats you can consider when planning on boat hire in Sydney to explore Australia’s coastline.

The boat’s size that you will need will ultimately depend on the bumper of guests and your planned party activities. It is best to consider the comfort of your guests when you plan on renting a boat for a party.


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