Male fertility issues have a major impact on the chances of impregnating the female partner.  If recent reports are to be believed, the occurrence of male fertility problems is more common than you think. 

Around the world, nearly 15% of married couples struggle with infertility problems. Out of these, male infertility is the major responsible factor in around 20-40% of the cases.

These facts might have surprised you. But it is true that conditions of poor fertile health in males can arise commonly as any other health problem. We just need to be more sincere to create a healthy environment where any man who suffers such a problem can open up without the fear of judgment.

In order to reduce the stigma around the condition, it is important that we become aware of the causes, symptoms and treatments for male infertility.

A variety of factors can contribute to the development of fertility problems in men. These can be medical, environmental or psychological. 

  • Let’s  further understand the medical reasons that affect male fertility:

Abnormalities in the sperm profile- A couple conceives when the male sperm fertilizes the female egg. Any defect or abnormality in the sperm parameters like shape, count or motility can reduce the sperm’s capability to fertilize the egg. Therefore, male infertility can be as a result of abnormalities in the sperm profile of the male.

Hormonal Imbalance- Sex hormones like testosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone play a crucial role in the male reproductive function. Any imbalance in the levels of these hormones can adversely affect the spermatogenesis process and also reduce your sexual drive and libido.

Obstructions in the delivery of the sperm- From the production of sperms to their delivery, there are various tubes that carry the sperms. Any abnormalities, infections, injuries or traumas can block any of these tubes any stop the sperm from reaching the female egg. Due to this, fertility problems can arise.

Enlarged veins in the scrotum- The condition of having enlarged and painful veins of the scrotum is called varicocele. Varicocele can develop due to an injury, trauma or any exerting physical activities that damage the veins of the groin region (especially scrotum). Initially the enlarged veins may not cause any symptoms of infertility. But, leaving the condition untreated can lead to fertility issues such as erectile dysfunction, poor sperm health and abnormal sperm production.

Infections in the reproductive system- Infections like epididymis, orchitis or other sexually transmitted infections can damage the sperm DNA and can cause blockages in the reproductive tract. These can make it difficult for the man to father children. In case of severe infections, the testis may even get permanently damaged.

Problems with ejaculation- Issues like retrograde ejaculation can also impact male fertility. In this condition, the semen enters the bladder instead of getting ejaculated through the penis. Other conditions like spinal cord injuries can also lead to ejaculation problems. As a result, the man may face infertility problems.

Sperm attacking antibodies- In certain cases, the male’s body produces antibodies that attack the sperms. Infections, surgeries or injuries can lead to the formation of such antibodies. This can lead to fertility problems and the condition is known as immunologic infertility.

Chromosome abnormalities- Certain conditions like Klinefelter’s syndrome cause chromosome abnormalities. In this condition, the man has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome, which leads to the abnormal development of the reproductive organs. As a result, the entire process of spermatogenesis is affected and it gives rise to fertility problems.

Sexual dysfunction- Sexual dysfunction that affects male fertility can arise due to various factors. Some of the common conditions resulting in sexual dysfunction include low libido or sex drive, loss of satisfaction after sexual intercourse. All of this can be really frustrating to deal with and create troubles in the relationship. Hence, seeking the advice of a specialist doctor is the right thing to do

Medications- Certain medications can have negative effects on the fertile health of a male. Antidepressants, chemotherapy medicines, strong antibiotics, medicines for an enlarged prostate must not be continued for a long period without following up with the doctor who prescribes them. The prolonged use of these drugs give rise to symptoms such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. Thus keeping a check on the dosage and duration of the medicines is highly necessary to keep up with the good reproductive health.

Effective management tips to deal better with male fertility issues   

  • Adopt a healthy routine. Exercise on a regular basis to do away with the problematic symptoms. You can also try practicing a little yoga everyday. These tips will boost blood circulation throughout the body and also flush out the toxins from the body. Hence, incorporating these activities in everyday life shows wonderful results in just a few weeks by boosting your fertility and alleviating stress.
  • Rely more on Vitamin C through natural sources. Natural Vitamin C has amazing antioxidant properties. This helps in reducing the oxidative stress and preventing damage to the sperm DNA due to toxins. Also, it increases the sperm count and restores the quality of the semen. 
  • Stress and anxiety can make your infertility issues even worse. Therefore, try to relax and minimize your stress levels. Get 8 hours of sound and healthy sleep. Take out little time for yourself every day. Doing so will help you manage your stress better.
  • If you smoke, it’s high time you say goodbye to this unhealthy addiction. Quitting will help prevent any further damage to the blood vessels in your body and you will start noticing improvements in 3-4 months.Do so gradually with the doctor’s assistance to prevent any withdrawal symptoms.
  • If your testosterone levels are low, make sure that you take enough zinc in your diet. Zinc is a mineral required for optimal testosterone levels. Proper amounts of zinc in the body will help resolve many of your sexual problems.

You Must know…

Following the above-mentioned tips or instructions can bring remarkable improvement in male fertility. But, it is still important to visit a doctor once so that you can get a thorough and gain more clarity. Relying solely on the natural ways may not be able to bring you permanent solutions

Hence, taking up the suitable treatment along with embracing a healthy lifestyle is the holistic approach to solve the fertility problems. 

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Take Away

Dealing with fertility issues can be quite stressful and emotionally disturbing as well. However, you must understand that these issues are fairly common. In most cases, these can be resolved without any complex treatments. The only thing you need to do is to reach out to a specialist if you notice any symptoms.

Talk to the doctor, open up about your condition and undergo proper diagnosis. The better the doctor understands your condition, the easier it will be for him to suggest the most-suitable treatment option.


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