Hey, iPhone users right there! Every iPhone user must resonate with us that extension is required each time when you dial a particular contact, your spouse or friends or your kids!

You all will agree with us!

But it is a doubt of maximum iPhone users that how does extension works if their nears and dears are out of reach!


If you are under the same umbrella, you don’t know how to edit the number and dial their extension on the iPhone, then you are on the right page. Come on and let’s roll the intro! 

Let’s understand the procedure with the basics!

What Is a Phone Extension? 

In simple language, a phone extension is a short internal number that can be related or not related to a dialed number. It helps an iPhone user to facilitate while calling someone and just dial some simple digits and the call will connect.

How To Dial Extension on iPhone

Best feature ever!

Quite complicated but is easy! 

Before you begin adding phone numbers ext., some points you should surely keep in mind. Let’s begin the journey:

  1. The comma (,) means ‘Pause’. The contact app will pause before calling the extension. One comma means a 2-second pause and, in this way, you can add an infinite number of pauses.
  2. A semi-colon (;) means ‘Wait’. The contact app will wait for you for the number to be dialed. This feature is for those who don’t know when the will extension be dialed.

How To Add An Extension To The Phone Number 

Are you tired of dialing extensions again and again?

Then don’t worry!

How To Dial Extension on iPhone

iPhone is a blessing in disguise. 

It gives one more feature which can comfort its users to save the phone number along with an extension in its contact book. Let us tell you how to write the extension number:

  1. Open the calling app and display the contact list on the screen. 
  2. If you want to tamper with existing contact, then tap on a contact and click on edit.

Or, if you want to add a new contact, the option is in the top right with the plus (+) button.

  1. Press on the saved phone number and tap on the +*# button on the bottom left.
  2. Press on pause. You will get a comma (,) after the phone number. 
  3. Repeat the process if you want more pauses.
  4. To add ‘wait-to-dial’, press on wait. You will get semi-colon (;) after the phone number.
  5. Now, type the phone number. And you are finally done.

The trick to remember: If you don’t know how many pauses should you keep, then dial the number and check out after how much time the computer asks you to add the extension.

 And according to the instructions, put in the pauses. 

Easy one, right!

Moving ahead, lots figure out the way to call!

How To Call a Number With An Extension?


This is a doubt of many users who are still struggling to use iPhone extensions but always end up dialing the wrong number which takes them nowhere!

Have you felt the same problem?

If yes, then we have researched well and presented the steps which can make your calling simpler and easier. So, let’s go and discuss how to do extensions work phone

  1. Open the calling app and scroll up your Keypad screen.
  2. Now type the actual phone number you wish to call.
  3. Now if you are done with it, press the asterisk key (*) until comma (,) appears right next to the phone number you typed. 
  4. Type the extension number after the comma appears.
  5. The pause will last for 2 seconds. If you want the pause to last longer, then add multiple commas.
  6. To add ‘Wait-to-dial’, press the hashtag key (#) until a semicolon (;) appears.
  7. At last, tap the green button and have your call. 

How To Enter An Extension 

Almost every iPhone these days provides the feature to straight dial the extension number. Here we will instruct you that how can you do so. So, let’s begin:

  1. Enter the primary phone number you are required to call.
  2. Press asterisk key (*) until comma (,) appears after the primary number. 
  3. Type down the extension number you want to dial. 
  4. When you will complete this process, you will automatically get connected to the extension number.
  5. When comma (,) is entered in the phone number, it will make the extension to get liked with the primary phone number. 

Additional information: Extension feature helps to avoid wastage of time and make sure that you reach your audience as quickly as possible. This feature is applicable in android phones as well. If you are making calls from a landline, it is not required to type the full number.


Now, following all the steps, you have successfully added an extension in one of your phone contacts and we are very sure that you are not going to forget how to add and edit extensions in your iPhone contact. 

We hope you all liked the article and all your doubts and worries have evaporated. We are confident that you all are definitely going to share the article on your social media handle. 

Drop your further queries (if any) related to your iPhone.

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