Pranking someone might seem tough but if you know how to do it, trust me, you will do it now and then, all you need is a little companion to help you get through. man siri

That companion could be your friend but even humans are susceptible and fail, so in that case, you can always rely on your good old’ friend –

Siri. You can utilize Siri’s function of ‘talking’ to your benefit and use her to stage a prank. All you have to do is just tell her some set of words and numbers, and voila, there you go.

Why should you involve Siri in a prank?

When you are trying to make a joke on someone else, you should always try to include Siri in the story. Human beings are not that reliable and it is easier to have it said than done because humans do commit mistakes.

When you are asking someone to become your partner in crime, there is a chance that they will mess it up. So involving an AI is smart. But how will you form a prank including Siri? What role will she play? Don’t worry we will cover it up for you.


I see a little silhouette of a man Siri

In case you are wondering, it is natural to involve Siri in a prank because there are functions that will allow Siri to stage a total prank. All you have to do is tell Siri

some specific number or give her a specific message which will prompt her to do a task which is just funny. Telling Siri to tell 108 or 112 is a part of a prank.

Though telling Siri to tell 112 can take a bad route as this prank can lead the person to call the emergency number which is an offense if there is no emergency involved. Though there is a prank that will not land you to jail.

All you have to do is tell I ‘see a little silhouette of a man Siri’, and your job is done. You are thinking about what the feature would do right? Don’t worry, it won’t call the emergency number.

What happens when you tell Siri I see a little silhouette of a man?

When you tell Siri that there is a silhouette of a man, Siri will start a song. It seems Siri is an ardent fan of the rock band ‘Queen’ and telling Siri that you see a little silhouette of a man will prompt her to generate the famous song by ‘Queen’,

that is Bohemian rhapsody. It is totally a fun moment if you continue to do a thing like this at a time when no one is thinking that a prank is actually the only thing around the corner.

When you tell her that part, she will start the snippet from that part alone. If you tell Siri some other part of the song, then Siri will start that part of the snippet.

Of course, telling Siri that part will make someone think something serious has happened and Siri will do something to stop such things,

but who would have thought Siri would play a song? That is where the prank lies. So you have to carefully tread it. Read the next section to stage the prank.

How to stage the prank?


I see a little silhouetto of a man siri

The mastermind behind the prank should be executed beautifully to retain and extract most of the fun. Involving too many people in the prank can ruin the fun part. Here is how you should stage the prank.

Suppose you are returning home late at night with your friend and you have partied hard. Obviously, when you are having fun it is natural to let your guards down, you tend to enjoy each and every moment when you are having fun with your friends.

When late at night you guys are returning home, take a route that is not that much crowded. The less crowded the street is, the better it will be for your prank.

Make it look suspicious. When you are walking home with your friends, tell your friends that you see someone who is behind you and that he seems strange.

Drag your friend with you and walk fast. At this stage, you have to make sure that your friend doesn’t look back and doesn’t really bring out her phone to call someone.

When you see your friend getting anxious and worried about the fact that there might be someone following you guys, just tell your friend to tell Siri that “I ‘see a little silhouette of a man”. 

At that moment, Siri will start the song. Of course, she won’t understand what has just happened to her. The face and the emotion of your friend will be pure joy and worth remembering always.

Here is another version of the prank. When you reach the doorstep of your house or when you guys are alone at your home, tell your friend that you saw a

silhouette there which is surprising. You have to act suspicious, look around a bit, and then at that point tell your friend to tell Siri the same thing and there will be a song.

Points you need to remember:

However, to pull off this prank, you have to remember a few points.


I see a little silhouette of a man Siri

  • Make sure that your friend doesn’t know about what happens when you say I see a little silhouette of a man to Siri.
  • Pull the plug if the situation goes out of hand. If you see your friend getting too anxious and scared, don’t do it. Your safety is the main concern here.
  • As we said, safety is the main concern here so don’t do anything that will lead your friend to lose it. Don’t take a desolate turn to a street that is shady.
  • Act a bit to make the ordeal look suspicious.

Hence, we have made your doubts clear and you should follow what we have just said.

Prank your Friend utilizing Siri: tell Siri ‘ I see a Little silhouette of a Man’Discussion
Why should you involve Siri in a prank?It’s more accurate and fewer chances of failing.
What happens when you tell Siri I see a little silhouetto of a man?Siri plays the bohemian rhapsody song by Queen.
How to stage the prank?The whole process has been written. Read to know how to do it.
Points you need to rememberAlways know your limit. Don’t cross them.


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