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Companies have transferred their activities to the online realm in the last five years, and even more in recent months.

This move has made people accustomed to the idea that everything could be just one click away. It is why most companies now feel a lot of pressure to enable verification systems to keep their businesses running while maintaining clientele trust. 

This pressure could be even worse for those who are only about to start their business or those who are not technically inclined.  The best choice in this situation will be to employ an identity verification company to set up the procedure for you. 

Needs And Processes

As in any decision-making process, you need to assess your clients’ needs and your company’s operations. While some require high-security encryptions and systems, you might only need a simple one. 

For example, you need to keep track of people who enter your company premises, like walk-in clients, sales agents, and suppliers. In such a scenario, you will need an extensive verification process.

  Maybe some biometric system and identification card scanner will be enough.

However, if your business requires a more extensive cross-referencing of multiple sources of information, like banks, an identify verification company is the best option.

This company can help provide background and credibility checks. As a business owner, it would be best to discuss internally and understand what and where you will need the system.

User Experience And Corresponding Security Required

After evaluating the company’s needs and processes, the next thing to think about is the two-way relationship between you and your customers. It means providing your clients with a frictionless user experience while making sure that they provide you with valid user identities. 

Therefore, you need to confirm with the identity verification company the margin of error that could be allowed as the verification processes are done.

For example, when using facial recognition technologies, there is a confidence threshold that the system uses. Anything above this threshold would be considered a match, and anything below would be rejected. 

Select an extremely high match rate, and minute factors like lighting could interfere with the user experience. Select an extremely low number, and fraudulence could be a problem.

This only means that the confidence threshold needs to be set at a realistic level. Hiring the correct identity verification company would help you set it up and, sometimes, run trials.

User Habits And Behaviour

Finally, tracking your users’ habits and behaviour would help you set up an efficient identity verification system. Discuss with your team and ask each other how they have been obtaining clients. 

If you are putting up a biometrics system in your building, consider how many times that supplier has visited you. Would repeat visitors need to go through a registration process? If your business platform is accessed online.

you can use online analytic tools and understand your audience—geography, demographics, and the like. Are they using a mobile or a desktop interface? Answering all these details will help you optimise your system.

Right now, you might be rushing to upgrade your digital services so that you could keep up with current advancements. But of course, keeping your business secure on both sides of the transaction is essential, and hiring a company that can do the verification for you will surely help you with the process.

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