Omega, existing for more than a century, is one of the sought-after luxury Swiss brands because of its top-notch quality and rich history and legacy to offer.

It is a perfect option if you’re looking for a new watch to invest in and add to your collections, especially because it is one of the respected watchmakers in the world of horology.

It offers a wide range of collections that are all designed and created for a particular purpose. For instance, its first-ever chronograph watches under the Omega Speedmaster collection were used by the first man who landed on the Moon.

But, before going straight to the jewelry store or browsing the website pages of online luxury brands selling an Omega timepiece, you must know even a little idea about the brand itself, at least knowing its beautiful features to offer highlighted to each of its elegant and refined watches.

This article will bring you much closer to Omega as we will share some of its features and characteristics.

Omega Watch Movements

When picking your first-ever Omega timepiece, always ensure to check its movement as it’s one of the important features you need to take a look at. It is a type of mechanism that provides power to a watch’s hands while also providing power to chronograph or calendar.

Each timepiece of Omega collections features the most powerful movement, such as automatic, mechanical, and quartz. So, never forget to inspect what type of movement that is used in your pick watch.

If a watch features a mechanical movement, it often requires a wound as it contains a mainspring to bring power to hands to function. One great thing about it is you don’t need a battery for the watch to function, so it will be hassle-free changing a battery regularly

. All of the mechanical timepieces are carefully designed and created to serve a lifetime function to the owner.

The next option is an automatic movement, which also does not require you to replace a new battery as similar to mechanical movement. But, what makes it different from mechanical watches is that you don’t need to manually wound it regularly.

By just simply wearing an automatic watch, it will power on its own, which only means that it’s one of the top choices if you’re looking for a timepiece to use every day.

Another option is a quartz movement, a timepiece that features this one requires a battery to power. It is a practical choice if you don\\t want to regularly wind your watch.

Fine Craftsmanship

Time timepieces of Omega features such high precision and accuracy proven by many watch aficionados. Its collections are always hailed for their refined and elegant appearance with chic vibes.

It offers a wide range of useful features, starting from its tachymeters to its Moonphase and world time features up to its irreversible turning bezel; the Omega has a lot to offer.

The Omega Chronograph

Each chronograph of Omega’s watches is utilized as a display watch and stopwatch. It features a hand that likewise displays the seconds, minutes, and hours. Omega watches feature a central chronograph hand for the stopwatch to function well and record second and extra totalizers to record both minutes and hours.

The Omega Chronometer

The chronometer featured in Omega watches has set a new standard to the watchmaking industry with its high precision and functionality. It passed the precision tests performed in various positions and temperatures and has gained an official certificate from the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

Omega Watch Series

Existing for more than a century, Omega has proven itself as one of the best watch manufacturers to produce high-caliber timepieces with its distinctive style and appearance. It has been at the forefront of producing iconic timepieces such as Speedmaster, De Velli, Seamaster, and many more. Here, let’s take a bit closer to its top collections.

Omega Speedmaster

Officially introduced back in 1957, the Omega Speedmaster is a famous collection of chronograph timepieces and has many sought-after models by many watch connoisseurs. Its Moonwatch is still one of the best timepieces that the world has ever seen, being the first-ever watch worn by the first American who landed on the Moon. 

Another quintessential model that caught the attention of many is its Speedmaster Professional timepiece which is the only timepiece qualified by NASA’s standard used for spaceflight and other EVA (extravehicular activity).

Omega Seamaster

In line with Omega’s 100th-anniversary celebration, the Omega Seamaster collection was introduced in 1948. It is one of the current oldest lines of watches that is still available on the collection list of Omega. Its first-ever and original Seamaster timepiece feature an O-ring gasket that was utilized in creating a waterproof seal as its original model was designed and created purposely for submarines to use during the wars.

Some prominent individuals were spotted wearing a Seamaster watch like how it was being used in the famous James Bond films. On top of that, it also created its first-ever diving record back in 1955, in which it had reached a 62.5 mm depth. It is a perfect accessory for any professional diver.

Omega Constellation

It started its beautiful history back in 1952 when it was introduced and named after the Constellation jet used and flew during WWII. The Omega Constellation collection was considered the crown jewel for the brand, and it remains the sought-after timepiece for those searching for a new luxury and high-caliber watch.

In a Nutshell

With Omega’s legacy and rich history to offer, it is no doubt that it remained at the forefront of creating notable and premium watches. It is always regarded when it comes to creating the best timepiece for a certain purpose.

Aside from its luxury face, it is one of the toughest and robust watches popularly known for its durability. That is why if you’re currently looking for a new watch to invest in, opting for Omega’s collection would be the best deal and decision.


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